Wednesday, January 31, 2007

well...some decisions

1: we're not going to move to new york.
2: we tried to visit youth venture and walked from building 400 until Washington Av. dead-ended at building 40, looking for building 25. then we discovered from a cop that there is a Washington Street, also in Brooklyn. that's where we were supposed to be. body cold and david's feet blistered, we headed back to change for kallie's interview and rescheduled youth venture. kallie's interview went well, but there were still little solid details.
then we went to dinner and talked over everything.
3: kallie had made an appointment with a recruiter. she later cancelled it.
4: we think we could live in new york city. we just don't think we could work here.
5: we think we're moving to orlando. soon. we're going to look at apartments in downtown winter park while we're in orlando to pick up our furniture at crate and barrel. this coming week.
ps: kallie enjoyed dressing up in work clothes with heals and walking around the city.

pros and cons
orlando versus the city
800 square feet versus 300.
kallie will continue to be relatively artistically talented instead of not hardly.
rent that would only potentially consume half of our savings instead of all of it.
a happy first year of marriage instead of one filled with unnecessary stress.

top design is about to start, otherwise we'd think of more. but we think this is good enough for now. still nothing is set in stone. and please, no i told you so's.

love. d&k

the city

First and foremost, we hope you enjoyed David's singing skills.


We're in Manhattan.

We ate some appetizers at this pub with Scott when we got here around 3 and then hung out at the sister's apartment when Amy got off work. (Kallie snoozed on the sofa while David played skateboarding video games.)

We met Kristi and Travis Reaves for dinner tonight. We went to a neat Cajun restaurant. Their apartment is very nice and has a lot of potential. David and I have hope for getting one like it...which is very possible. Their rent is really decent and we could probably get the same thing for a little cheaper further north, which is where we want to be.

It started snowing while we were watching National Championship replays after dinner. Then David and I trekked out into the snowy streets to walk 25 blocks home.

We survived pretty well. It was a very nice evening.

We could totally do this.

We have our interviews and some apartment looking tomorrow. Pray for us and wish us luck.


Sunday, January 28, 2007


sweet relief

We went to Gainesville yesterday. We went straight to Katie's house and then met Brittany and Anisha for lunch at Satchel's, the best pizza and salad place in existence. Then we went with Katie to the Medieval Fair and laughed at all of the scalding hot lunchers. ;) We went to Stoneridge, where the majority of our friends can be found at most moments (and David's old apartment complex) and saw many people. It was fantastic.

We're uploading our engagement photos onto our Yahoo photos page. Most people haven't seen them all. Logan Mahaffey took them and he is amazing.

We're off to New York City Tuesday through Friday. Kallie is going to interview with Renee's boss for the New Canaan Society position. She's also going to meet with Renee, so we'll see what comes of that. David is hoping to meet with the Youth Venture people. We also plan on apartment hunting a bit. Please be praying that all goes well and that we have some idea of what is going to happen next!

love, d&k

PS: This is for you, Anisha:

Friday, January 26, 2007

blue skies

Though we complain of boredom, we are very lucky.

The weather has been lovely. Very chilly normally, but we've discovered that if you sit on our front porch, the house blocks the wind and the sun beams right onto your face.

The past two days, we have sat on the front porch and read and eventually been pushed inside due to too much heat. Then we just open the window and shutters that are directly behind the front porch bench to bring some of the outside in.

It is truly lovely.

making plans

saturday (tomorrow): driving to Gainesville to hang out with our friends!

next week: flying to NYC to schmooze with prospective employers and apartment hunt for 4 or 5 days.

we have things to do and reasons to be excited finally. silly.

apparently the job kallie is after pays wonderfully. oh goodness that would be great. here's a bit of an update on that job from Amy:
Renee does not know much. To explain, her boss may be leaving the company sometime after the conference in March so everything there is up in the air. They will bring someone in to replace him, and he may be looking to hire additional new people to take with him wherever he goes. The next 2 months leading up to the conference are apparently insane around the office, so for Renne to get a final say from her boss on whether or not he would hire you to replace her is difficult. The one good thing is that she said regardless of this, she WOULD be able to get you into the office for hours (and by this she meant she wasn't sure if you would get paid, you'd be like an extra set of hands to prepare for the conference I think) which would allow you a chance to meet the boss and the people in the company which would help you to land the position later on. She also said that she gave her boss your resume again this week and told him that he really needed to get on the ball and find a replacement now and that she thought you would be perfect.
I think that Renee has no answers now, nor will she in a week or two weeks from now, but the closer that it gets to her end date she will know more.
I could definitely get you a gig here at my school as a substitute teacher which would help if money ever got tight. You could also help me this summer as a paid part-time art teacher. (I am running the summer program here.)

So not all is lost. It seems like all of the jobs that we find and that we're after are in NYC, so I think we might just go. I know, it sounds crazy. It's expensive and people make this mistake all of the time: moving there with the hopes of something and nothing ever comes about. But everything seems to lead to the city. It'll be a big leap of faith, but we trust that God will take care of us regardless, whether we're making a lot of money or barely getting by.

love. d&k

Thursday, January 25, 2007

interview, kind of

Sorry to get everyone's hopes up, including our own. David didn't find out much of anything on his phone call. Keep praying that something more happens and happens soon.


little ones

The cutest and sweetest thing happened this morning. We were sitting in the kitchen, eating breakfast, when David's phone starts buzzing. He answers it to hear a group of second graders yelling into the phone, "we're praying for you!" How adorable! Amy had her students give her brother a huge smile. It was fantastic.

David has his interview today at noon. We're excited.

Kallie still hasn't heard back from Renee. Sniff.

But Kallie got sweet Staedtler triplus fineliner markers yesterday because she was jealous of all of her girlfriends who owned them. She drew a face from an ad of a girl with pretty hair and it turned out well. She's excited. Kallie also bought Design Basics Index by Jim Krause (published by HOW design books). She's using it to help her redesign her dad's company's website. It's sweet.

We'll let you know how the interview goes.

Love, d&k

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

it's looking like new york...again

We may not have been getting our hopes up/lying months ago when we thought we would be moving to Manhattan. Then again, it's not certain now, so you never know.

David still has his interview on the telephone Thursday at noon.

Regarding Kallie, she got this lovely piece of information:
Regarding my job, I am more determined than ever to get someone to replace me. When are they moving here? The men's retreat is March 1-4, and I would love to have Kallie help me out with that if she will be here. It would be a good way for her to meet my boss, see the big annual event and see if it may be a good fit for her.

Kallie wrote her an email. We'll see what happens! We may very well just move to Manhattan if this job is certain. (Kallie would work in Rockefeller!) Right now it's still very unsure though.

We appreciate all of your prayers. They're lovely.


Monday, January 22, 2007

b o r e d

Kallie actually updated her MySpace. She never updates her MySpace. You should check it out. It looks pretty sweet. But still, it's sad.

We bought furniture from Crate and Barrel...the rest that we wanted on our registry. Kallie talked to a lady at the store in Orlando on and off all day. She was very sweet. After the 10% off and the gift cards, it was very very reasonable. We're excited. Two of the items are backordered for about two weeks. Then we'll be making a trip to O-town, with stops in G'ville to and from. Basically, we ordered from Orlando for a trip. Something fun. Excitement. Hah.

Kallie got grey thermal tights for five dollars the other day. She loves them and doesn't like taking them off.

David has a phone interview on Thursday at noon. Pray!!! We will be moving to Manhattan if it works out. He would be a VISTA with Youth Venture, part of AmeriCorps.
If that happens, pray that Kallie will get the job that opens in March that she had been communicating with a lady about in NYC. It's for the New Canaan Society. Or the greatly paid job with Church World Service. (She also really likes this organization!) She has to have a decently paid job for this to work out. Pray.

mucho amor,

Friday, January 19, 2007

yay Scott

New photos are posted in "days before the wedding" and "wedding". They're from Scott DeVore, David's brother-in-law. You're probably in one and don't know it. So check them out. (They'll be done uploading by morning.)

Kallie drug David to Michael's as usual today. She made a real guestbook...taped the notes into a book. It's great.

We miss our friends.

We saw The Last King of Scotland tonight. Uganda continues to need help.


ps: mom's comment to this photo: the one time Kallie isn't talking.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kallie Brynn Buckmaster

Kallie changed her name today. She has a hot new driver's license photo.

There are more photos up in each section. We picked up the 35mm honeymoon photos today. I recommend checking those out. I also added our graduation photos.

We now have a video of our wedding. It's fantastic. It was crazy watching the big day on screen. I remembered a lot. More than I was expecting.

Our relationship after marriage is much like it was before. I imagine some of that will end up changing, especially after we have our own home. It feels more like winter break at our parents' house. But we love waking up next to each other. And we've started to read our Bibles with breakfast instead of at night, because I'm always too sleepy to remember what I read. And we have a lot of decision-making talks. We like it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

if you can't tell...i'm online a lot these days.

here are our new emails (i think UF cancels alumni emails at some point...leave a comment if you know more about that):

we now have a joint bank account and a joint credit card.

kallie has yet to get her name changed.

still writing thank-yous.

i added the polaroids to Yahoo in the wedding album.

we dropped off 6 rolls of b/w film to be developed. those photos will be under "honeymoon" soon (yay for digital cds).

OH! and please leave comments!


los fotos

I spoke with Bryan, and the photos from the wedding won't be available for about another month or so. I'll post on here when they're up. For now, I've made three albums on our yahoo photos site: honeymoon, days before the wedding, and the photos I've collected from all of you!

In the meantime, I'll be taking donations to buy a Mamiya RZ67.

I'll scan the polaroids that this lovely machine took on our wedding day. Bryan gave us a little book of them. They'll be on yahoo.

Love d&k

Monday, January 15, 2007

we're married!

and we're back from our honeymoon. the pictures from the honeymoon are posted at the photos from the wedding, from Bryan Johnson, will hopefully be up soon and they'll be available at Click on "View Proofs" at the bottom left corner of the screen and scroll to the bottom. I'll also post some wedding photos at the yahoo site, but not all of them.

I also think we're going to start a little blog. We'll see what comes of that. But it'll just be little short messages and photos since we won't get to see all of our lovely friends every day anymore.
It's at

Be praying for jobs for us. We're still trying, to no avail as of yet. Yes, we're living with my parents (3 weeks TOPS), so you can understand how desperate our job search is. We're looking forward to actually being able to start our own lives together...not together with my mom and dad around. So yes, pray.

Our wedding was absolutely amazing and perfect. We can thank all of you who were there for it. We had a fantastic time and really appreciate all of your love and support.

Kallie and David.
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