Monday, January 22, 2007

b o r e d

Kallie actually updated her MySpace. She never updates her MySpace. You should check it out. It looks pretty sweet. But still, it's sad.

We bought furniture from Crate and Barrel...the rest that we wanted on our registry. Kallie talked to a lady at the store in Orlando on and off all day. She was very sweet. After the 10% off and the gift cards, it was very very reasonable. We're excited. Two of the items are backordered for about two weeks. Then we'll be making a trip to O-town, with stops in G'ville to and from. Basically, we ordered from Orlando for a trip. Something fun. Excitement. Hah.

Kallie got grey thermal tights for five dollars the other day. She loves them and doesn't like taking them off.

David has a phone interview on Thursday at noon. Pray!!! We will be moving to Manhattan if it works out. He would be a VISTA with Youth Venture, part of AmeriCorps.
If that happens, pray that Kallie will get the job that opens in March that she had been communicating with a lady about in NYC. It's for the New Canaan Society. Or the greatly paid job with Church World Service. (She also really likes this organization!) She has to have a decently paid job for this to work out. Pray.

mucho amor,



Prayed for you two today. Love.

rachel said...

Hey guys, love the painting above, is that yours Kallie?


Alisa Kelleen said...

definitely thought that was a window with rain coming down and some kind of interesting window covering...i guess i have a bad sense of reality!

job interviews galore! i have a callback interview on wednesday, i share your hopes...i'll pray for you guys.

i'll talk to you today!
love you.

Cookie Bites said...

my loves,
i miss you.
let me know if/when you will be coming to gainesville for a visit.
maybe we can satchel or something?
hah, like the verb? i just made it satchel:: to enjoy amazing pizza in a bright blue VW van with beautiful friends you love and miss.
let's do it.
.love. b

Clifton said...

Hey you two, hope the interviews go great! We miss having you around here. It's sad not to have Buck and Mrs. Buck :-( Hopefully we'll see you soon...

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