Tuesday, January 23, 2007

it's looking like new york...again

We may not have been getting our hopes up/lying months ago when we thought we would be moving to Manhattan. Then again, it's not certain now, so you never know.

David still has his interview on the telephone Thursday at noon.

Regarding Kallie, she got this lovely piece of information:
Regarding my job, I am more determined than ever to get someone to replace me. When are they moving here? The men's retreat is March 1-4, and I would love to have Kallie help me out with that if she will be here. It would be a good way for her to meet my boss, see the big annual event and see if it may be a good fit for her.

Kallie wrote her an email. We'll see what happens! We may very well just move to Manhattan if this job is certain. (Kallie would work in Rockefeller!) Right now it's still very unsure though.

We appreciate all of your prayers. They're lovely.



TheDeVo said...

We'd love to have you guys here and are happy to help in any way! Keep us updated little ones. ~Amy

so. fla trevs said...

Hey Buck-Meisters! I LOVE this blog you've set up - what a great way to keep up with you all! (how things have changed in 11 years - we didn't even have a 'puter when we got married...it was one of our first "big purchases"! Eh....feelin' old!) The pics are GREAT! I love the candid shots of the wedding; of all the photos we got at our wedding, my favs were the snapshots - not so posed, you know?! Hope yours turn out well - look forward to seeing them! **Keeping our fingers crossed on the JOB SITCH** EVEN if it means moving you all to NEW YORK! :( Keep us posted with any news... and if you're in the mood for a ROAD TRIP, consider coming down to SOUTH Florida - we've got a guest room with your name on it, and the Keys ain't too far from our home.... Just a thought! Keep in touch - we love and miss ya!!! Take care - Patti :) (and J&Lo!)

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