Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kallie Brynn Buckmaster

Kallie changed her name today. She has a hot new driver's license photo.

There are more photos up in each section. We picked up the 35mm honeymoon photos today. I recommend checking those out. I also added our graduation photos.

We now have a video of our wedding. It's fantastic. It was crazy watching the big day on screen. I remembered a lot. More than I was expecting.

Our relationship after marriage is much like it was before. I imagine some of that will end up changing, especially after we have our own home. It feels more like winter break at our parents' house. But we love waking up next to each other. And we've started to read our Bibles with breakfast instead of at night, because I'm always too sleepy to remember what I read. And we have a lot of decision-making talks. We like it.

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