Thursday, January 25, 2007

little ones

The cutest and sweetest thing happened this morning. We were sitting in the kitchen, eating breakfast, when David's phone starts buzzing. He answers it to hear a group of second graders yelling into the phone, "we're praying for you!" How adorable! Amy had her students give her brother a huge smile. It was fantastic.

David has his interview today at noon. We're excited.

Kallie still hasn't heard back from Renee. Sniff.

But Kallie got sweet Staedtler triplus fineliner markers yesterday because she was jealous of all of her girlfriends who owned them. She drew a face from an ad of a girl with pretty hair and it turned out well. She's excited. Kallie also bought Design Basics Index by Jim Krause (published by HOW design books). She's using it to help her redesign her dad's company's website. It's sweet.

We'll let you know how the interview goes.

Love, d&k

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