Friday, January 26, 2007

making plans

saturday (tomorrow): driving to Gainesville to hang out with our friends!

next week: flying to NYC to schmooze with prospective employers and apartment hunt for 4 or 5 days.

we have things to do and reasons to be excited finally. silly.

apparently the job kallie is after pays wonderfully. oh goodness that would be great. here's a bit of an update on that job from Amy:
Renee does not know much. To explain, her boss may be leaving the company sometime after the conference in March so everything there is up in the air. They will bring someone in to replace him, and he may be looking to hire additional new people to take with him wherever he goes. The next 2 months leading up to the conference are apparently insane around the office, so for Renne to get a final say from her boss on whether or not he would hire you to replace her is difficult. The one good thing is that she said regardless of this, she WOULD be able to get you into the office for hours (and by this she meant she wasn't sure if you would get paid, you'd be like an extra set of hands to prepare for the conference I think) which would allow you a chance to meet the boss and the people in the company which would help you to land the position later on. She also said that she gave her boss your resume again this week and told him that he really needed to get on the ball and find a replacement now and that she thought you would be perfect.
I think that Renee has no answers now, nor will she in a week or two weeks from now, but the closer that it gets to her end date she will know more.
I could definitely get you a gig here at my school as a substitute teacher which would help if money ever got tight. You could also help me this summer as a paid part-time art teacher. (I am running the summer program here.)

So not all is lost. It seems like all of the jobs that we find and that we're after are in NYC, so I think we might just go. I know, it sounds crazy. It's expensive and people make this mistake all of the time: moving there with the hopes of something and nothing ever comes about. But everything seems to lead to the city. It'll be a big leap of faith, but we trust that God will take care of us regardless, whether we're making a lot of money or barely getting by.

love. d&k

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