Sunday, January 28, 2007

sweet relief

We went to Gainesville yesterday. We went straight to Katie's house and then met Brittany and Anisha for lunch at Satchel's, the best pizza and salad place in existence. Then we went with Katie to the Medieval Fair and laughed at all of the scalding hot lunchers. ;) We went to Stoneridge, where the majority of our friends can be found at most moments (and David's old apartment complex) and saw many people. It was fantastic.

We're uploading our engagement photos onto our Yahoo photos page. Most people haven't seen them all. Logan Mahaffey took them and he is amazing.

We're off to New York City Tuesday through Friday. Kallie is going to interview with Renee's boss for the New Canaan Society position. She's also going to meet with Renee, so we'll see what comes of that. David is hoping to meet with the Youth Venture people. We also plan on apartment hunting a bit. Please be praying that all goes well and that we have some idea of what is going to happen next!

love, d&k

PS: This is for you, Anisha:

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