Wednesday, January 31, 2007

well...some decisions

1: we're not going to move to new york.
2: we tried to visit youth venture and walked from building 400 until Washington Av. dead-ended at building 40, looking for building 25. then we discovered from a cop that there is a Washington Street, also in Brooklyn. that's where we were supposed to be. body cold and david's feet blistered, we headed back to change for kallie's interview and rescheduled youth venture. kallie's interview went well, but there were still little solid details.
then we went to dinner and talked over everything.
3: kallie had made an appointment with a recruiter. she later cancelled it.
4: we think we could live in new york city. we just don't think we could work here.
5: we think we're moving to orlando. soon. we're going to look at apartments in downtown winter park while we're in orlando to pick up our furniture at crate and barrel. this coming week.
ps: kallie enjoyed dressing up in work clothes with heals and walking around the city.

pros and cons
orlando versus the city
800 square feet versus 300.
kallie will continue to be relatively artistically talented instead of not hardly.
rent that would only potentially consume half of our savings instead of all of it.
a happy first year of marriage instead of one filled with unnecessary stress.

top design is about to start, otherwise we'd think of more. but we think this is good enough for now. still nothing is set in stone. and please, no i told you so's.

love. d&k


Cookie Bites said...

Winter Park!? Ben and I live in Winter Springs which is seriously like 15 minutes from Winter Park (Orlando obviously sucks at coming up with creative names for cities). The culture of the city is a really great fit for you guys (and it's real close to all the museums) and we could come visit whenever we go home. Sounds perfect!

Cookie Bites said...

oops that ^ was me

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