Monday, January 15, 2007

we're married!

and we're back from our honeymoon. the pictures from the honeymoon are posted at the photos from the wedding, from Bryan Johnson, will hopefully be up soon and they'll be available at Click on "View Proofs" at the bottom left corner of the screen and scroll to the bottom. I'll also post some wedding photos at the yahoo site, but not all of them.

I also think we're going to start a little blog. We'll see what comes of that. But it'll just be little short messages and photos since we won't get to see all of our lovely friends every day anymore.
It's at

Be praying for jobs for us. We're still trying, to no avail as of yet. Yes, we're living with my parents (3 weeks TOPS), so you can understand how desperate our job search is. We're looking forward to actually being able to start our own lives together...not together with my mom and dad around. So yes, pray.

Our wedding was absolutely amazing and perfect. We can thank all of you who were there for it. We had a fantastic time and really appreciate all of your love and support.

Kallie and David.

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