Wednesday, February 28, 2007


yesterday we sat in central park for a long while and read and watched children play by the fountain. there was this one kid that was so happy and playful. we had our picture taken by a photography student, watched a passenger train stop at the station and be real loud, watched a couple get their (engagement?) photos taken, and David read how soccer explains the world while Kallie read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. [more photos to be on facebook.]

today we dropped off a lot of stuff at goodwill and then explored winter park some more. we went to this high-end consignment shop that sells chanel, armani, etc. Kallie was very happy, especially to see that their prices weren't as ridiculous as she had imagined. then we went to the Morse Museum. we told the lady at the desk that we were students so we would only have to pay a dollar each instead of three. our plan kind of fell apart when we slipped that we just moved to the area. then we felt bad, so David went back to pay the full amount, and the lady was very nice and told us to not worry about it and enjoy the museum. mostly the museum is dedicated to Louis Comfort Tiffany. You might recognize "Tiffany Lamps": the ones you see in restaurants and everywhere else these days: stained glass lamps. he's a fantastic artist. he does brilliant stained glass work, but also is an amazing painter, sculptor, architect, etc. our favorite part was the Tiffany Chapel that he made for the world's fair. it's incredible. they also have whistler, sargent, cassatt, renoir, homer, rockwell, hopper, henri, manet, cezanne, hassam, hokusai, and more. fantastic. and this is literally in our front yard, one block over. Kallie saved all of the visitor's guides in case she doesn't get the wycliffe job. you never know.

we're starting to talk seriously about Kallie really getting into photography and she's extremely excited about it.

david is going back for a second interview with the president of the florida baptist children's home tomorrow. be praying for our job situations.

we hope you've enjoyed our wedding photos like we have! we can't wait to get prints of them all to make an album. we hope you feel comfortable ordering prints from bryan's website (pictage). but if not, please let us know and we'll make sure you get what you want! :)

love, d&k.

Monday, February 26, 2007


our photos are amazing! david and i just received all of our goodies in the mail from bryan, and everything is fabulous. i have posted a select few pictures from the lot and put them on yahoo photos ("sneak peek"). bryan should have them all posted from his website soon. go to and click on the link "view proofs" in the bottom left corner. scroll to the bottom of the page, and we should be listed. bryan is redoing his website soon, so we'll let you know when that's up so you can re-check everything (it's going to be really neat, and we'll have our own page with some silly questions answered.)


Sunday, February 25, 2007

tis time

we've spent days getting our apartment together. the first three were very tiring, but our apartment now looks like a home. we had our first visitor today: Kylie, one of David's good ole childhood friends. he took us to a 6pm service at his church. it was good. it meets in an old theatre. we'll probably go back for the regular morning service next week.

we added 6 photos to the wedding photos on the yahoo page.
i'm also going to add a folder for pictures of our apartment for all to see! check them out!

we went to clearwater yesterday for the day. alisa and tommie were in town from alabama and katie drove over from gainesville. it was absolutely lovely. i love hanging out with my girls and miss them so much. it gets hard to leave again.

all of kallie's references and applications are in to Wylciffe. by praying that we hear from them soon!

david is going in to the florida baptist children's home headquarters to meet his interviewer tuesday afternoon. pray for that as well.

that's about it for now! when we finish decorating our bookcases, etc...i'll post some more enthralling photos!

love d&k

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

taking a *quick* break

Our apartment is turning into a home.

I guess the lovely songs of chimes from the Catholic girls school next door outweighs the incessant noise of trains passing through the center of town.

We’re not ready to take photos yet.
You have to wait probably until tomorrow or the next day.

We talked to Bryan the photographer today. He mailed our stuff today, and we should be getting it Friday or Monday. When we OK it, he’ll post it online! Aren’t we all excited!!!

Back to work!


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Observations from the bored...

David counted things today. Kallie's parent's house has 53 chairs and 34 fish statues, not including the master bedroom, which most certainly would have added to the count.

Also, read this book. It's called Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster, and despite its unsexy title is one of the best books David has ever read. There's a reason it's still being published after 30 years.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


we're moving monday.

the truck will arrive monday afternoon.

the electricity will turn on monday morning.

we will go to winter park monday morning.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

not much to do. not much going on.

we looked at paint chips and other home appliances at lowes. we're excited to paint. and fix and have fun. we might buy a pretty fan to replace the one in the eating area. we're so ready.

i posted complete renaissance fair, nyc, and apartment photos on facebook. sorry to those of you who don't have facebook.

we talked to Caleb, Bryan Johnson's second man. We should be hearing from them/getting stuff in another week and a half. he called to ask what songs we want on our dvd. we said coldplay's green eyes and the cary brothers' blue eyes (we combined the two for our first dance). we also could have said anything derek webb.

regina spektor is amazing. you should listen to her music.

we're finishing up the paperwork for our apartment. we got a money order today. they're free at your bank, which is lovely. dad has to get a notarized signature tomorrow. then it gets mailed in and we're all set. yay!

we found out that some friends of ours (Jenn who was in India with David) work in winter park. we're thrilled. also, our fantastic friends ben and amanda live about 15 minutes away...well, their parents do. so hopefully we'll get lovely visits.

it's weird being so excited but having to wait with little to do. we finished packing up the rest of our wedding gifts, etc. that's about it.

love d&k.

Friday, February 9, 2007

something to smile

today was a most beautiful day.
there wasn't a cloud in the sky.
father was near, so he came to see.
we signed a lease.
we had a glorious time in our old town with our lovely friends.
we smiled and laughed and watched the best show.
it was hard to leave.
two weeks until move-in.
our new home: downtown Winter Park.
pictures tomorrow...

two closets!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

1 month anniversary...a real one!

First, we're going to Orlando tomorrow to apartment hunt. We're probably staying the night with Kylie. Then were apartment hunting some more and hopefully picking up our furniture and leaving by 4:30 to eat dinner and watch the Office in Gainesville. We're very excited to see people.

Second, if you know of any available jobs in O-town, please let us know. If you have any connections, we can use them. I promise. :) Yes, we're going to move to Orlando without jobs. Kallie is hoping to maybe work at a museum or art gallery. Maybe we'll live above one. That would be great.

Third, pictures!

silly school girls

and a union strike

1 Rockefeller, where Kallie's interview was. Intimidating, yes. The front desk gives you a pass which you have to scan to get into the area for an elevator. Then the 32nd floor.

Carson from Queer Eye in Soho

In Bryant Park for NY Fashion Week:Fashionista Robert Verdi (in red)we also saw Paper Magazine editor Mickey Boardman (and the crazy lady) - little did we know we should have taken a photo

Finally, we were handed this flyer and told that we were cute and should come to a jeans casting. we loved this, especially after looking at models for hours.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

We love NYC but...

We love NY. We just won’t be living there, at least not yet. We love the excitement of the city. We love having seasons, the culture, and especially the people watching. However, we don’t love the rent, the uncertainty of our job situations (we both turned down our jobs because David’s pays very little and Kallie’s may not even exist in a couple months), or the way our relationship sometimes is when we are there. Our marriage is less than a month old, and we have so much to learn about each other. We are so excited about that, but NYC can be such a distraction to us. For some reason, we just take ourselves too seriously when we are there. We laugh, play, and hold hands less. That’s a big deal for us, and is ultimately the reason we aren’t moving that far away yet. We have committed to doing life together, and we just need a year or so to learn what that means without all the added stress. Could we have adjusted to NYC? Absolutely. We aren’t afraid of taking chances, and we both understand that a life lived by faith should rarely mean taking the safe, comfortable route. We aren’t looking for a simple life, but we are looking to put ourselves in the situation that best enhances our marriage. We will probably be moving to Orlando at this point. It may not be as glamorous, but it will be good for us. As always, we are trusting that God will lead us, one step at a time (maybe even to Sri Lanka next year). So here’s to the beginning of a marriage filled with laughs, kisses, hand holding, and sweet tea.


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