Sunday, February 25, 2007

tis time

we've spent days getting our apartment together. the first three were very tiring, but our apartment now looks like a home. we had our first visitor today: Kylie, one of David's good ole childhood friends. he took us to a 6pm service at his church. it was good. it meets in an old theatre. we'll probably go back for the regular morning service next week.

we added 6 photos to the wedding photos on the yahoo page.
i'm also going to add a folder for pictures of our apartment for all to see! check them out!

we went to clearwater yesterday for the day. alisa and tommie were in town from alabama and katie drove over from gainesville. it was absolutely lovely. i love hanging out with my girls and miss them so much. it gets hard to leave again.

all of kallie's references and applications are in to Wylciffe. by praying that we hear from them soon!

david is going in to the florida baptist children's home headquarters to meet his interviewer tuesday afternoon. pray for that as well.

that's about it for now! when we finish decorating our bookcases, etc...i'll post some more enthralling photos!

love d&k


D & K Buckmaster said...

by the way...this picture sequence looks like David is being lazy while Kallie does all the dishes. I assure you we split the responsibilities 50/50. David just doesn't look as cute as Kallie does in the apron.

- David

Alisa Kelleen said...

yeah right.

Alisa Kelleen said...
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TheDeVo said...

Love this, it looks huge! (thats what she said)

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