Wednesday, February 28, 2007


yesterday we sat in central park for a long while and read and watched children play by the fountain. there was this one kid that was so happy and playful. we had our picture taken by a photography student, watched a passenger train stop at the station and be real loud, watched a couple get their (engagement?) photos taken, and David read how soccer explains the world while Kallie read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. [more photos to be on facebook.]

today we dropped off a lot of stuff at goodwill and then explored winter park some more. we went to this high-end consignment shop that sells chanel, armani, etc. Kallie was very happy, especially to see that their prices weren't as ridiculous as she had imagined. then we went to the Morse Museum. we told the lady at the desk that we were students so we would only have to pay a dollar each instead of three. our plan kind of fell apart when we slipped that we just moved to the area. then we felt bad, so David went back to pay the full amount, and the lady was very nice and told us to not worry about it and enjoy the museum. mostly the museum is dedicated to Louis Comfort Tiffany. You might recognize "Tiffany Lamps": the ones you see in restaurants and everywhere else these days: stained glass lamps. he's a fantastic artist. he does brilliant stained glass work, but also is an amazing painter, sculptor, architect, etc. our favorite part was the Tiffany Chapel that he made for the world's fair. it's incredible. they also have whistler, sargent, cassatt, renoir, homer, rockwell, hopper, henri, manet, cezanne, hassam, hokusai, and more. fantastic. and this is literally in our front yard, one block over. Kallie saved all of the visitor's guides in case she doesn't get the wycliffe job. you never know.

we're starting to talk seriously about Kallie really getting into photography and she's extremely excited about it.

david is going back for a second interview with the president of the florida baptist children's home tomorrow. be praying for our job situations.

we hope you've enjoyed our wedding photos like we have! we can't wait to get prints of them all to make an album. we hope you feel comfortable ordering prints from bryan's website (pictage). but if not, please let us know and we'll make sure you get what you want! :)

love, d&k.

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