Saturday, February 3, 2007

We love NYC but...

We love NY. We just won’t be living there, at least not yet. We love the excitement of the city. We love having seasons, the culture, and especially the people watching. However, we don’t love the rent, the uncertainty of our job situations (we both turned down our jobs because David’s pays very little and Kallie’s may not even exist in a couple months), or the way our relationship sometimes is when we are there. Our marriage is less than a month old, and we have so much to learn about each other. We are so excited about that, but NYC can be such a distraction to us. For some reason, we just take ourselves too seriously when we are there. We laugh, play, and hold hands less. That’s a big deal for us, and is ultimately the reason we aren’t moving that far away yet. We have committed to doing life together, and we just need a year or so to learn what that means without all the added stress. Could we have adjusted to NYC? Absolutely. We aren’t afraid of taking chances, and we both understand that a life lived by faith should rarely mean taking the safe, comfortable route. We aren’t looking for a simple life, but we are looking to put ourselves in the situation that best enhances our marriage. We will probably be moving to Orlando at this point. It may not be as glamorous, but it will be good for us. As always, we are trusting that God will lead us, one step at a time (maybe even to Sri Lanka next year). So here’s to the beginning of a marriage filled with laughs, kisses, hand holding, and sweet tea.



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Cookie Bites said...

love to you. praying for you.

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