Saturday, March 31, 2007



that's my joakim noah impression. it's spot on. i am releasing my inner "african viking," as he would say. >
we're headed to Gainesville Monday when David gets home from work.
watching the game on
university avenue.
celebrating our third national championship in a one-year span.

driving home.
(then David has to get up for work at 6am...eish!)

we're so happy!

we went to Mount Dora for the day Saturday. it was cute. it turns out that what they meant by "mount" dora was really LAKE dora. kallie took a lot of photos, but she's not terribly satisfied with a lot of them. maybe it was the heat and the margarita. haha.

love, d&k

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The missing photos:

our first car!!

with David's family for lunch:

Kallie with Grandma and Charlie:

David with his dad and Uncle Bob:

Louise with Uncle Bob and his gal, Mercedes:

oh mommason

the moms came to town and spoiled me rotten.

david and i are enjoying our new car. it is mighty fine.

we love our church small group. we met for the first time on monday and had a great time chatting with everyone. i'm in love with one of the couples' little girls, Reagan. she reminds me of our flower girl, my cousin, Lauren. and i might take pictures of the pregnant couple's family celebrating the birth of their baby (their first didn't survive past a day, about a year ago) a couple of hours after her c-section. i hope i get to do it. i'm totally stoked.

david and i will be in gainesville on Saturday, April 7th. i'm taking photos of melissa and eric. yay. we're having a late dinner, around 8, because katie gets off work at 7. so if you would like to join us (and are in town for Easter), please let us know!

love, kallie

all of the clearwater photos are on facebook. here's a sampling...well, more than that:


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Busy Saturday

We had lunch with David's dad and Louise, Grandma and Charlie, and Uncle Bob and girlfriend Mercedes. It was fun. First time David has seen his uncle in a little under a decade. He's something. Hah. The parents and grandparents got to see our home. It's nice to have family over.

Uncle Bob went to high school with the guy we originally thought was homeless that lives in our apartment complex. Apparently his parents left him a trust fund. So he decided to do nothing with his life, grow all of his hair out and bum around all day. He sits on Park Ave drinking coffee until 5pm, then drinks liquor the rest of the night. Bob said he'll chat with you until 5. After that, he won't talk any longer.

Uncle Bob also has two sweet dogs. One, named Riley, is bred to kill lions, wolves, and bears. He used to live in Montana, where I guess that would have more value than in Florida. Hah. But he was really docile and sweet. Until another big dog walked by the car and he let out a fierce bark.

We went to the Honda dealership with dad and Louise, also. David is going to buy a Civic. Tomorrow.

We sold the Jeep today. David is sad. But happy that he's going to get a new Civic tomorrow. And happy that he has several grand in cash money. His dad is coming to help us with the process.

Kallie's mom is coming this week. She's going to hang out with Kallie while David is at work. Yay.

Love, d&k

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

we're going to have friends!

we mentioned going to group night at our church, Summit. it was pretty cool- not as intimidating as we had imagined. we're now in a group that meets in winter park every monday at 7pm. it's five married couples, including us. we're the babies. the next youngest couple is 25, no kiddies. then the three other couples have young kids (one is preggers :) ). so we'll definitely learn a lot, and we hope we can have some wisdom to offer also.

we loved hanging out with ben and amanda again...and watching the Gators continue their victory. (look at how cute amanda is!)

kallie chopped her hair up. she cut about half of it off, but it still looks the same, haha. it's maybe an inch shorter, but with lots of haphazard layers (because she's not a professional) that are fun and make lovely curls when she doesn't iron them out.

David starts his job tomorrow!!! bittersweet for certain. he needs his social security card, so we're off to Tampa today. we're going to hang out at clearwater and eat at Frenchy's and take the Nikon.

love, d&k

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A great weekend.

Friday night, Logan, Rachel, Matt, and Kyle came to visit from Tampa. They saw the apartment and got to look at wedding photos and see the part of the DVD where Clay says, "penis," since Matt didn't get to come to the wedding.

Then we went to this concert in downtown Otown, a few minutes away. Our favorite band was The Bridges. Kallie has been listening to them non-stop since the show. Check them out on myspace and also tagworld (an extra song to hear). they're actually better in person, so if you get a chance to see them live, go.

Saturday was also very fun. David's mom and Hank came to visit us, so we walked around the art festival and had cherry coke floats that were amazing. They left early afternoon, and we were exhausted from getting in late and waking up early (something that never happens any more), so we vegged on the sofa until Ben and Amanda came over for dinner and to hang out. They're in town from Gville visiting family. They're mini-us-es. If that makes sense. And we love them. We walked around the town and then played phase 10. Ben was losing for most of the game and then came back and beat out Kallie for first place. She lost graciously, as always...haha.

The Gators play this afternoon! Ben and Amanda are coming over to watch it. Tonight, we have group night at our church. You meet people and split up into groups for Bible studies. We're a bit intimidated, since we don't know anyone. It's exciting.

Love, d&k.

Friday, March 16, 2007

rainy days

we're hoping the rain doesn't ruin the art festival that they've been setting up in central park since monday. it's tomorrow. david's mom and hank will be here and we were wanting to spend a few hours checking it out. apparently it's a big deal. also, david's grandmother's brother's wife started it. that's pretty sweet, eh?

we bought kallie a nikon D80 digital slr camera and a great lens and camera backpack. we've been working on designing a website and other items. we ordered windows xp so that kallie will be able to run her adobe suite for windows on her mac to work on designs. (though she needs to redesign her dad's business's website first!!) then we'll buy studio lighting and a background. kallie will need you guys to be my models so i can practice and build up a new portfolio. i'll upload the photos i've taken so far on facebook.
(by the way, if you have and know how to use flash software and would want to donate a little time to help set up kallie's website, that would be great. she'll have it all designed, she just doesn't know how to use flash (only some html).)

logan, rachel, and matt from tampa are coming to a concert here tonight, so we'll get to hang out with them and hear new music. yay.

we hope everyone is enjoying spring break. if you're in the winter park area, give us a call!!

love, d&k

well, we went out to get a smoothie and the art festival started today! it's pretty cool.
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