Saturday, March 24, 2007

Busy Saturday

We had lunch with David's dad and Louise, Grandma and Charlie, and Uncle Bob and girlfriend Mercedes. It was fun. First time David has seen his uncle in a little under a decade. He's something. Hah. The parents and grandparents got to see our home. It's nice to have family over.

Uncle Bob went to high school with the guy we originally thought was homeless that lives in our apartment complex. Apparently his parents left him a trust fund. So he decided to do nothing with his life, grow all of his hair out and bum around all day. He sits on Park Ave drinking coffee until 5pm, then drinks liquor the rest of the night. Bob said he'll chat with you until 5. After that, he won't talk any longer.

Uncle Bob also has two sweet dogs. One, named Riley, is bred to kill lions, wolves, and bears. He used to live in Montana, where I guess that would have more value than in Florida. Hah. But he was really docile and sweet. Until another big dog walked by the car and he let out a fierce bark.

We went to the Honda dealership with dad and Louise, also. David is going to buy a Civic. Tomorrow.

We sold the Jeep today. David is sad. But happy that he's going to get a new Civic tomorrow. And happy that he has several grand in cash money. His dad is coming to help us with the process.

Kallie's mom is coming this week. She's going to hang out with Kallie while David is at work. Yay.

Love, d&k

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Kiley said...

make it rain, bucky! make it rain!

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