Friday, March 9, 2007

fun night

our friend Gabe from gainesville called us yesterday and asked if we wanted to go to a concert tonight.
so of course we said yes.
gabe's dad is best friends with the guy that runs the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. He has hooked us up with tickets before, which is incredibly awesome.
so we hung out with gabe and his friend and met the guy that runs HOB. we got to sit in the opera box on the stools and had a waitress and all. we ended up finding out that he told our waitress to comp our food and drinks, which blew our minds. we all felt very important, hehe. so we got cokes and fries. hah.
we jammed out to galactic and then bela fleck and the flecktones for four hours. it was fantastic. saxophones and banjos and drums and the bass and flutes and the Future Man and his machine. lovely.
[picture of bela fleck...not by us.]


ps: congrats to my lovely Katalin for being offered a job in the PICU!!! she's the best nurse.

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