Sunday, March 18, 2007

A great weekend.

Friday night, Logan, Rachel, Matt, and Kyle came to visit from Tampa. They saw the apartment and got to look at wedding photos and see the part of the DVD where Clay says, "penis," since Matt didn't get to come to the wedding.

Then we went to this concert in downtown Otown, a few minutes away. Our favorite band was The Bridges. Kallie has been listening to them non-stop since the show. Check them out on myspace and also tagworld (an extra song to hear). they're actually better in person, so if you get a chance to see them live, go.

Saturday was also very fun. David's mom and Hank came to visit us, so we walked around the art festival and had cherry coke floats that were amazing. They left early afternoon, and we were exhausted from getting in late and waking up early (something that never happens any more), so we vegged on the sofa until Ben and Amanda came over for dinner and to hang out. They're in town from Gville visiting family. They're mini-us-es. If that makes sense. And we love them. We walked around the town and then played phase 10. Ben was losing for most of the game and then came back and beat out Kallie for first place. She lost graciously, as always...haha.

The Gators play this afternoon! Ben and Amanda are coming over to watch it. Tonight, we have group night at our church. You meet people and split up into groups for Bible studies. We're a bit intimidated, since we don't know anyone. It's exciting.

Love, d&k.

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Alisa Kelleen said...

i'm jealous of your bible studies.

also of your family visiting.

i also wanted to direct you to my comment on your previous post. i'm awesome.

and hoping you are too...i'm thinking "Alabama's Next Top Model?"

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