Friday, March 2, 2007

Job News

David pretty much has his HR Director job. He just called. We're going out for cheesecake tonight!
His boss said, "I think I'll enjoy working with you."
David is going to get his fingerprints done at the police department right now. Then a drug test. Crazy. They can't tell him he has the job until these things, along with some paperwork, are completed. But it's pretty much done.
That'll be $35,000 a year. Yay!

I just called Wycliffe. They have all of my references and my application. So that's good. The lady didn't know anything else, like about how soon I should expect to hear something. But at least I called.

At least we have one job! And who knows...I may be our next big photographer, haha...I wish. But I'm going to give my "childhood dream" a try. That's pretty cool.

OOO, I just got a call back from Wycliffe. The lady checked on how long it should take for me to hear back from them...around a week or so. So I'll wait a little longer.

love, kal


Keith said...

Seriously, congrats on the new job! sounds like things are going well!

Hank F said...

Congratulations, that's GREAT NEWS! We're proud of you both.

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