Wednesday, March 7, 2007

no news

two months!

david's boss called his references today, so we're moving a step closer to a definitive job.

kallie still hasn't heard from wycliffe, but we went and visited their building and saw our friend Dusty yesterday. the tour was very nice and the wordspring museum is really cool. we had a lovely lunch there with dusty. kallie really hopes she gets the job.

we're hanging stuff on the walls and fixing up the last details of our apartment. the parents are all coming to visit in the next three weekends. that means kallie will be vacuuming and scrubbing a lot in the coming weeks. we're excited to have them, though.

everyone is on spring break this coming week. if you're near, you must give us a call/email. we would love to see friends and hang out.

alisa introduced kallie to: amazing.

tonight's lineup: 8pm america's next top model, 10pm top design, 12pm south park. wednesday nights are packed. haha.

we love you all.



cdiddy said...

congrats on Max, and hopefully on jobs... I'm leaving for Nicaragua late tomorrow night/early Sat Morning, so pray for us!

Kiley said...

so buck will be getting his penis back at 11 pm tonight? good to know.

Cookie Bites said...

betta fish are so much fun! I've had three but apparently I am terrible at keeping them alive so I won't be getting anymore. Be sure to put a mirror by it for funfilled reactions


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