Thursday, March 29, 2007

oh mommason

the moms came to town and spoiled me rotten.

david and i are enjoying our new car. it is mighty fine.

we love our church small group. we met for the first time on monday and had a great time chatting with everyone. i'm in love with one of the couples' little girls, Reagan. she reminds me of our flower girl, my cousin, Lauren. and i might take pictures of the pregnant couple's family celebrating the birth of their baby (their first didn't survive past a day, about a year ago) a couple of hours after her c-section. i hope i get to do it. i'm totally stoked.

david and i will be in gainesville on Saturday, April 7th. i'm taking photos of melissa and eric. yay. we're having a late dinner, around 8, because katie gets off work at 7. so if you would like to join us (and are in town for Easter), please let us know!

love, kallie

all of the clearwater photos are on facebook. here's a sampling...well, more than that:


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