Friday, March 16, 2007

rainy days

we're hoping the rain doesn't ruin the art festival that they've been setting up in central park since monday. it's tomorrow. david's mom and hank will be here and we were wanting to spend a few hours checking it out. apparently it's a big deal. also, david's grandmother's brother's wife started it. that's pretty sweet, eh?

we bought kallie a nikon D80 digital slr camera and a great lens and camera backpack. we've been working on designing a website and other items. we ordered windows xp so that kallie will be able to run her adobe suite for windows on her mac to work on designs. (though she needs to redesign her dad's business's website first!!) then we'll buy studio lighting and a background. kallie will need you guys to be my models so i can practice and build up a new portfolio. i'll upload the photos i've taken so far on facebook.
(by the way, if you have and know how to use flash software and would want to donate a little time to help set up kallie's website, that would be great. she'll have it all designed, she just doesn't know how to use flash (only some html).)

logan, rachel, and matt from tampa are coming to a concert here tonight, so we'll get to hang out with them and hear new music. yay.

we hope everyone is enjoying spring break. if you're in the winter park area, give us a call!!

love, d&k

well, we went out to get a smoothie and the art festival started today! it's pretty cool.


Cookie Bites said...

That's such a cool decision to start photography. I think that you will be great at it kallie, especially since you are always with a camera and take swell pictures. If you ever want to take pictures of wildlife you should go to Paynes Prairie in micanopy. Amanda and I went there yesterday and listen to the animals we saw: 3 deer, 5 whitetailed deer, a rabit, a snake, leaves shaped like peni, a cool lizard, God's beautiful landscapes and amazing trees galore, a massive bald eagle, two six foot alligators that were only 10ft away from us! and five wild horses! it was so cool and apparently there are wild buffalo there too!


Alisa Kelleen said...

i've been told i would make a beautiful model because of my exotic features.

you should come to b'ham and check me out. or i could probably be persuaded to visit in the summer...

my royalty price is fairly low.

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