Tuesday, March 20, 2007

we're going to have friends!

we mentioned going to group night at our church, Summit. it was pretty cool- not as intimidating as we had imagined. we're now in a group that meets in winter park every monday at 7pm. it's five married couples, including us. we're the babies. the next youngest couple is 25, no kiddies. then the three other couples have young kids (one is preggers :) ). so we'll definitely learn a lot, and we hope we can have some wisdom to offer also.

we loved hanging out with ben and amanda again...and watching the Gators continue their victory. (look at how cute amanda is!)

kallie chopped her hair up. she cut about half of it off, but it still looks the same, haha. it's maybe an inch shorter, but with lots of haphazard layers (because she's not a professional) that are fun and make lovely curls when she doesn't iron them out.

David starts his job tomorrow!!! bittersweet for certain. he needs his social security card, so we're off to Tampa today. we're going to hang out at clearwater and eat at Frenchy's and take the Nikon.

love, d&k

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Cookie Bites said...

Friends are good. I'm really glad you've found a church.

If you feel too much like a baby married couple, don't worry, you're going to hang out with me and Eric in a couple of weeks.

You can be obnoxiously know-it-all if you want to, I won't mind.

Hey, Alisa already gave me a sex book. What you got?

lovelove :)

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