Monday, April 30, 2007


Kallie woke up Friday morning with a tickle in her throat. But she ignored it and headed to Gainesville to celebrate Melissa's and Eric upcoming marriage at a bridal shower. She had a lovely time and enjoyed running (Katie's) errands on campus for the first time.

Kallie started feeling sick that night, so Saturday, we just chilled at home. Saturday night, we went to displaceME for a couple of hours to listen to the speaker and show our support. We met up with Rachel, Matt, Kyle, and Eric. We were there for only about 5 minutes before a girl walked up, "You're Brer, right?" Haha. We know celebrities. We got to hang out with Anisha a lot, too. Kallie was stoked.

Sunday we went to Summit and then ran errands. We're going to miss Summit.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

playing with lighting

The only touched photo is the b/w one.
The pink wood was the street light at dusk.
No flash ever.
I'm going to have to learn to like flashes...well, I need to buy a flash, and strobes.
Strobes will be fun.

I'm going to Gainesville tomorrow for a bridal shower.
Yay for seeing friends!

And my second job (Ashley's daughter in Central Park) is Tuesday!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kallie has feelings.

1. Kallie HATES Orlando drivers. If one more tries to run her over (and she's a fast driver), she's going to follow them and twist off their manhood. (Yes, they're ALL far.)

2. Kallie is happy that David finally got socks and undershirts so he'll stop wearing them for a week at a time.

3. Kallie is sad that we have to pay $65 for a new phone, but happy that it's nice and that it'll be here by 5 business days from now. Also, the $65 is better than the $289 that it would have been had there been no warranty.

4. Kallie loves playing with blueprints and drawing out furniture ideas. She likes moving to new spaces.

5. Kallie is upset with the world. It doesn't give new college graduates a break. No work experience not only doesn't get you a job, it barely gets you an apartment. Matter of fact, it gets you an apartment with up to a $500 deposit. Eish.

6. Kallie loves her "inspiration book." It is filled with works by fellow photographers that she admires. She likes flipping through.

love, d&k.

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Legend of Cherry Smash

The legend that is Cherry Smash has been obscured in translation over the years, but one thing has remained: Cherry Smash was the most important and influential musical act of all time. Ever.

CS comprised of four young, but very handsome men. On lead guitar was David, who was known to melt a face or two with his solos before moving on to a much more glamorous position in the field of Human Resources. Logan, or as we liked to call him, "the lady killer," played drums like he played his women; quick and effortless. Hippie Matt, on rhythm guitar, spread his free loving around a little too much. This sent him a downward spiral into oblivion. Last time anyone heard from him he was trying to relive the glory days in some band named after a Disney story ( The final member was Eric, who may or may not have played bass. The whole thing is kind of a blur at this point.

Named after a 5 cent drink at a restaurant in Plant City, these 12-14 year olds would quickly take the world by storm, wiping the floor with the lesser musicians that got in their way (done with the collection of bras thrown at Logan on stage).

For the good of music everywhere, CS decided to call it quits just three practices after it started. The members didn't want to set the bar so high that other musicians could never even come close to approaching it.

So when you listen to music now, remember CS. They sacrificed everything so other people could feel enough confidence in themselves to pick up an instrument.

Our Fiftieth Post.

We get to celebrate our fiftieth post with some big news.

We spent the whole weekend in Brandon (we drove out there twice, came home to sleep). David's dad spoiled us with food. We also went to Plant City for an antique car festival. It was fun. (David wants the black one. Kallie wants the navy one (it has tan interior with navy piping!)) And the Whistle Stop didn't have Cherry Smash! A travesty. (see above post)

And we filled out an application for a 2bed/2bath Carlyle apartment at Lucerne Apartments in Brandon, Fl.
This will be our new home starting May 26th. That's about 4 weeks. Wow.

We will now have: dishwasher, washer/ dryer, fitness room with free weights, pool, jacuzzi, tennis court, second bedroom for a studio, balcony, one month free rent which covers (mostly) our penalty for breaking our current lease. And, market rent (without the prorated free month) is ten dollars more than where we live now. For all that!!! Also, we'll save nearly two-thirds of the gas money we're spending now. It's about 25-30 minutes to Lakeland from where Lucerne is located. Photos here (and check out the "online tour").

Kallie's phone broke in half when she closed it yesterday. Then she dropped it for the first time ever after it broke. So now none of the screens work. She can still get calls and make them, as long as she knows the number. (And she think someone sent her a text message--which she can't see!)

Kallie also has another job! Another couple in our Bible group wants her to take photos of their little girl in Central Park. She's stoked. It's great!!

love, d&k.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Winter Park

My (Kallie's) mother turned ... had a birthday yesterday. Dad was in Lake City on work, so Mom drove there from Tallahassee and I drove 2.5 hours there for lunch. We had a lovely time.

Last night, David and I went on our nightly walk through Central Park/Park Ave. The squirrels here are awesome. They get so close. Too bad they probably think we have food for them.

And yes, David is a perv. Haha.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

everywhere we go, we hear it.

We forgot to mention that General Daily called us Pete and RePete when he was talking to David's mom and Hank. I promise it's just the glasses. We really don't look alike without them. Our faces have little in common.

Also, the big group photo, from left to right:
Josh (Beth's bf), Annella (David's mom), Hank the Tank, Beth (David's sis), me, David, Amy (David's sis), Three Star General Daily, Scott (Amy's hubby). We're standing in front of a shadow box of Hank's awards with a retired dress suit jacket. It was sweet.

Saturday we went apartment hunting in West Orlando. We hated it. We want to stay in Winter Park, but with David's job in Lakeland, we just can't. Sooooooo...we think we might move to.......Brandon. It's half the distance to Lakeland than from Winter Park and still in a big city. And Brandon is still closer to Lakeland than West Orlando (Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista). And finally, we're just not ok with moving to Lakeland. We need a city. And unfortunately the closest one is the one David lived in his whole life. Thankfully, we'll be on the other side of town from his childhood. Plus, anywhere we live we can make our own home.

That night, we went for a walk, and lo and behold, Park Ave was blocked off and filled with tables! People designed and catered tables and they were awesome.

Last night, our Bible study group met at our apartment!!! It was great! Everyone loved my (yes, Kallie) sweet tea and my photos. I was stoked. Megan thought my mom was really young (from wedding photos), naturally. And I was bad and told her mom's real age. But I'll be nice and keep quiet here. :)

Tonight we went and saw David's friend's baseball team play. They won 9 to 8. It was nice and the sun set in front of us. We also got to hang out with Kylie, which is always nice.

Love, d&k.
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