Thursday, April 5, 2007

the drive

After getting three hours of sleep Monday night, David went to work on Tuesday. Kallie didn't get too much more before she woke up to get ready to drive to Lakeland to meet David and his mom and Hank for dinner.

She wore makeup to meet David's bosses and coworkers, though you can't tell in the photos. Kallie is wondering when she'll have to start wearing makeup regularly. She's not looking forward to it.

Yesterday, Kallie started working with html for the first time in years. She's a little frustrated, but knows it's not so difficult. She's excited about learning it again. It also stinks because she had to split her Mac hardrive and download Windows XP so that she can use her Adobe Creative Suite programs. But it's also a little frustrating. She can get files from Windows on her Mac, but not vice versa. Plus, it's just weird using Windows again. Hah, it makes you feel like you regressed. Hehe. Oh well.

David has Friday off! Yay for Christian companies! We're going canoeing in Apopka.
Saturday, we're off to Gainesville again. Kallie is taking photos of Melissa and Eric, who are getting married oh so soon. We're excited to hang out with folks again.
Sunday, we're going to the 9am service at Summit. They're opening up the new main sanctuary, which is amazing. We didn't think it was that far along. Sweet. Then we're heading to Tampa to hang out with family. Happy Easter!

love, d&k

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