Tuesday, April 17, 2007

everywhere we go, we hear it.

We forgot to mention that General Daily called us Pete and RePete when he was talking to David's mom and Hank. I promise it's just the glasses. We really don't look alike without them. Our faces have little in common.

Also, the big group photo, from left to right:
Josh (Beth's bf), Annella (David's mom), Hank the Tank, Beth (David's sis), me, David, Amy (David's sis), Three Star General Daily, Scott (Amy's hubby). We're standing in front of a shadow box of Hank's awards with a retired dress suit jacket. It was sweet.

Saturday we went apartment hunting in West Orlando. We hated it. We want to stay in Winter Park, but with David's job in Lakeland, we just can't. Sooooooo...we think we might move to.......Brandon. It's half the distance to Lakeland than from Winter Park and still in a big city. And Brandon is still closer to Lakeland than West Orlando (Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista). And finally, we're just not ok with moving to Lakeland. We need a city. And unfortunately the closest one is the one David lived in his whole life. Thankfully, we'll be on the other side of town from his childhood. Plus, anywhere we live we can make our own home.

That night, we went for a walk, and lo and behold, Park Ave was blocked off and filled with tables! People designed and catered tables and they were awesome.

Last night, our Bible study group met at our apartment!!! It was great! Everyone loved my (yes, Kallie) sweet tea and my photos. I was stoked. Megan thought my mom was really young (from wedding photos), naturally. And I was bad and told her mom's real age. But I'll be nice and keep quiet here. :)

Tonight we went and saw David's friend's baseball team play. They won 9 to 8. It was nice and the sun set in front of us. We also got to hang out with Kylie, which is always nice.

Love, d&k.

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harshbad said...

I'm here to confirm that the tea was, indeed, delicious!


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