Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hank is important.

First though, David is so cute when he comes home from work.

We went to Tampa yesterday for Hank's retirement ceremony. It was awesome. Before the actual ceremony, Hank, Annella (David's mom), and all the kids sat around a big table with 3-star General Daily. Kallie got to sit right next to him. He was super stoked that she and David are Gators. He's a big deal. Apparently, look for him in Washington soon. Yes, we touched him.

And basically, Hank is super important and is a big part of why we can (usually) feel safe in the USA. He's done so much and we're so proud of him. We love Hank.

Amy and Scott even came down from NYC. It was great to have all the siblings together. We went to dinner at Estelas on South Dale Mabry. Yum. There was a sweet fish in the tank there. It looked like a human head with lips and teeth and its mouth open.

On the way home to Winter Park, we stopped in Lakeland and saw Beth's (David's oldest sister) apartment. It's just what we want. Dishwasher, washer, dryer, a decent sized kitchen...haha. Normal things! We're going apartment hunting in Celebration and Kissimmee today. Wish us luck!

love, d&k

ps: we saw a beautiful sunset driving to dinner. Kallie liked the lighting; hence, "myspace" photos:

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Alisa Kelleen said...

you look like you're driving naked. nice. :)

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