Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kallie has feelings.

1. Kallie HATES Orlando drivers. If one more tries to run her over (and she's a fast driver), she's going to follow them and twist off their manhood. (Yes, they're ALL men...so far.)

2. Kallie is happy that David finally got socks and undershirts so he'll stop wearing them for a week at a time.

3. Kallie is sad that we have to pay $65 for a new phone, but happy that it's nice and that it'll be here by 5 business days from now. Also, the $65 is better than the $289 that it would have been had there been no warranty.

4. Kallie loves playing with blueprints and drawing out furniture ideas. She likes moving to new spaces.

5. Kallie is upset with the world. It doesn't give new college graduates a break. No work experience not only doesn't get you a job, it barely gets you an apartment. Matter of fact, it gets you an apartment with up to a $500 deposit. Eish.

6. Kallie loves her "inspiration book." It is filled with works by fellow photographers that she admires. She likes flipping through.

love, d&k.

1 comment:

harshbad said...

Hmmm... congrats on #2.
You'll be a new man every day, David.

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