Monday, April 23, 2007

The Legend of Cherry Smash

The legend that is Cherry Smash has been obscured in translation over the years, but one thing has remained: Cherry Smash was the most important and influential musical act of all time. Ever.

CS comprised of four young, but very handsome men. On lead guitar was David, who was known to melt a face or two with his solos before moving on to a much more glamorous position in the field of Human Resources. Logan, or as we liked to call him, "the lady killer," played drums like he played his women; quick and effortless. Hippie Matt, on rhythm guitar, spread his free loving around a little too much. This sent him a downward spiral into oblivion. Last time anyone heard from him he was trying to relive the glory days in some band named after a Disney story ( The final member was Eric, who may or may not have played bass. The whole thing is kind of a blur at this point.

Named after a 5 cent drink at a restaurant in Plant City, these 12-14 year olds would quickly take the world by storm, wiping the floor with the lesser musicians that got in their way (done with the collection of bras thrown at Logan on stage).

For the good of music everywhere, CS decided to call it quits just three practices after it started. The members didn't want to set the bar so high that other musicians could never even come close to approaching it.

So when you listen to music now, remember CS. They sacrificed everything so other people could feel enough confidence in themselves to pick up an instrument.


rachel said...

maybe the best thing i've ever read

Kiley said...

i think you forgot to include the necessary last sentence for that amazing post. "May God bless the readers and hearers of the Word. Amen."

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