Monday, April 23, 2007

Our Fiftieth Post.

We get to celebrate our fiftieth post with some big news.

We spent the whole weekend in Brandon (we drove out there twice, came home to sleep). David's dad spoiled us with food. We also went to Plant City for an antique car festival. It was fun. (David wants the black one. Kallie wants the navy one (it has tan interior with navy piping!)) And the Whistle Stop didn't have Cherry Smash! A travesty. (see above post)

And we filled out an application for a 2bed/2bath Carlyle apartment at Lucerne Apartments in Brandon, Fl.
This will be our new home starting May 26th. That's about 4 weeks. Wow.

We will now have: dishwasher, washer/ dryer, fitness room with free weights, pool, jacuzzi, tennis court, second bedroom for a studio, balcony, one month free rent which covers (mostly) our penalty for breaking our current lease. And, market rent (without the prorated free month) is ten dollars more than where we live now. For all that!!! Also, we'll save nearly two-thirds of the gas money we're spending now. It's about 25-30 minutes to Lakeland from where Lucerne is located. Photos here (and check out the "online tour").

Kallie's phone broke in half when she closed it yesterday. Then she dropped it for the first time ever after it broke. So now none of the screens work. She can still get calls and make them, as long as she knows the number. (And she think someone sent her a text message--which she can't see!)

Kallie also has another job! Another couple in our Bible group wants her to take photos of their little girl in Central Park. She's stoked. It's great!!

love, d&k.


Kiley said...

the funny thing is that i'll be moving from orlando to tampa in 2 weeks (for the summer), but there's a real chance that I either stay and work a year in tampa (then to business school) or stay there for 3 years of law school at stetson. minus the 4 years you had in gainesville (when i moved two hours closer, to orlando), i've basically followed the buckmasters all over the state. i'm just a sad ball of imitation.

David said...

we all have our goals in life kiley...never give up on your dreams

Alisa Kelleen said...

i too had a phone incident today...i threw my phone against the wall after tommie called to tell me maple chewed up my very expensive eyeglasses.

fortunately the phone is more durable than the eyeglasses. it still works.

i'm stupid when i'm angry. maybe i'll send you a text message about it!

congrats on the new place! i can't wait until we get a chance to see it in person!

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