Friday, April 13, 2007

photos lose a lot of their coloring when I upload them here.

Kallie finished editing Melissa and Eric's photos and mailed them a disc. David is proud of her and thinks they're great. So she's excited.

Kallie also has her first paying job! On May 9th, a couple in our Bible study group is having a baby (scheduled c-section) and Kallie will be there after the baby is born to take photos of the family! This is a special story, because this couple had a baby last December (2005) and it died a day later. So please keep them in your prayers and hope that baby Mia is perfectly healthy! (Another girl in our group is pregnant and having her baby in a couple of weeks. Her legs are very swollen and she is diabetic, so more prayers!)

And might we add that it's NUTS that we're in a Bible study with all married couples, and most either already have kids or are preggers. Nuts.

In other news, two good friends of ours are engaged and we're super stoked. Kallie has already put a word in to take their engagement photos. :) She's on the ball. Another silly story about this is that Keith's (the male half of the couple) mom is new best friends with my mom, haha. Keith and I met at UF and now his parents live in Tallahassee and go to church with my parents. I get silly cute updates about their relationship from mom and Keith. It's adorable. (And yes, they're ridiculously adorable, too.)

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Yay! Pretty pictures!

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