Monday, April 30, 2007


Kallie woke up Friday morning with a tickle in her throat. But she ignored it and headed to Gainesville to celebrate Melissa's and Eric upcoming marriage at a bridal shower. She had a lovely time and enjoyed running (Katie's) errands on campus for the first time.

Kallie started feeling sick that night, so Saturday, we just chilled at home. Saturday night, we went to displaceME for a couple of hours to listen to the speaker and show our support. We met up with Rachel, Matt, Kyle, and Eric. We were there for only about 5 minutes before a girl walked up, "You're Brer, right?" Haha. We know celebrities. We got to hang out with Anisha a lot, too. Kallie was stoked.

Sunday we went to Summit and then ran errands. We're going to miss Summit.


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