Thursday, May 31, 2007

We're Brandonians!

We've been completely moved since Tuesday afternoon. No more O-town.

our library=one large shopping cart.
(our clothes > one large cart + one medium cart)

We absolutely love our new apartment and community. We'll have teaser photos up soon.

We drove car loads of our stuff all day Saturday. We slept on blow up mattresses Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in Tampa because we didn't want to leave.

Sunday, we drove to Orlando early and went to Summit Church. Then we chilled on our sofa and finished packing up the old apartment until Jenn and Matt Neldner's wedding that evening. It was a beautiful wedding. Photos Kallie took are at

Monday we went to the Tampa aquarium down at Channelside. It was fantastic. The otters, penguins, and sea dragons were our favorites. Kallie is still in shock over the sea dragons. (photos also at the flickr website above.)

Tuesday morning, David went to work and Kallie drove to Winter Park to meet the moving truck and her dad. She turned in the keys. Yay.

Again, David went to work on Wednesday and Kallie fixed up the new apartment all nice. We feel so much more comfortable here. The layout is much more homey. It's fantastic.

The bad side of all of this, however, is that Max got sick. We moved him from Orlando to Brandon in his tiny bowl that we bought him in from Petco. Apparently bettas get stressed out (which we were noticing he looked stressed) and their immune system lowers, making them susceptible to diseases. Max wasn't his normal self when we got to Brandon and put him back in his home. He wasn't swimming around or flaring up. He wouldn't even eat. This kept on for a day, so Kallie did some research and we went to Petco and bought aquarium salt (it's a stress reliever and helps bettas recover from diseases, as well as prevents them from recurring), and an antibiotic. We also bought him a bigger bowl from TJMaxx for when he gets better. So Max has been on treatment for two days now (he has fin rot) and this morning, he flared up at Kallie when she woke up. YAY!!! He's swimming around, but hasn't eaten yet. Hopefully by the end of the day or maybe tomorrow, Max will be in his new big home.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

David has been going to work.

Kallie has been packing up the house.

(She's also trying to figure out how she can download this season of Gilmore Girls for free.)

We ran errands the other night and came across a globe. It spun. And David randomly pointed to Tokyo. It spun again. And Kallie randomly pointed to Kenya/Ethiopia/Somalia. What are the chances of that happening?

If you know us well know that David is super attracted to going to Asia, particularly Tokyo, and Kallie is super attracted to going to Africa (and Sri Lanka). Crazy.

We had planned on going to Ft. Lauderdale with friends this weekend, but it would mess up moving into our new apartment unfortunately. We'll be driving car loads of our stuff back and forth from Orlando to Brandon all day Saturday and maybe Monday. Then on Tuesday, a truck is coming for our big furniture. We're excited.


Monday, May 21, 2007

babies, babies, babies

Friday night we walked around Rollins College. The photos are on Flickr. It's a pretty sweet campus and kind of eerie at night.

Saturday, Melissa and Eric got married! It was lovely and we're so happy for them. We loved being able to spend time with friends and sat at Ruby Tuesday's for a few hours before heading our separate ways. Also, at the wedding, we met Bill and Diane's (they worked at the BCM with Eddie while we were there) daughter, Ella. She's so precious. And we're excited about possibly seeing them more often, since they live in Lakeland.

We found out one of our really close friends (the bride in the photo below) is preggers! Kallie thinks God has been preparing her for baby conversations, considering all of her new friends have babies.

Sunday afternoon, our Summit group had a barbecue. It was a lot of fun. Kallie played with Dan and Dawn's kids, Reagan and Wes, most of the time, haha. They're fantastic. (Even though Kallie's arms are sore today!!!) And Megan and Chip made it, though Mia stayed at home with Megan's mom. It was weird saying goodbye. We're going to miss everyone so much, but think we'll be able to make it back to see them every now and then.

That afternoon, David went running and has a good story to tell:

Behind our apartment lies two mansions. Between these two mansions there is a dock. I had always wondered if the dock is open to the public, so I decided to walk down there. A fence on each side of me, I made my way down towards the dock. I looked in the window of the 80's Italian mansion on the right and I really really thought I saw a dead body with its arms chained to a pole. I probably thought this because we had watched Shaun of the Dead the night before (it's really funny by the way). Naturally, I stared at it for a while and then walked back up to the road. Then I realized that I'm a guy and had to be stupid and go back, just like in every bad horror movie. So I walk back down there to observe it more, and I hear a couple of dogs barking. I think it isn't a big deal because of the fence, so I look through the window to see if it was a dead body (which it wasn't...I don't think). As I'm jogging back up to the road (I had headphones on), I glance behind me for no real reason. Much to my surprise, a giant black dog is chasing me. I broke every world sprinting record in existence over the next couple hundred yards. Cars were slowing down and looking, but not helping. Eventually I outran the dog (or he felt pity on me), and I walked back up to the apartment, triumphant.

love, d&k.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Missing these girls. Love this photo.

Kallie's Flickr page,, has now been upgraded to a Pro account, which means all of her photos are available for viewing in their own folders/sets. So check it out!!! [Baby Mia photos will be uploaded later today, after they are delivered to Megan at 2pm today.]

Kallie also has another new website. It's pretty much a duplication of everything else, but it'll help get the name out there.

And Scott, sister Amy's hubby, has been helping Kallie figure out studio lighting equipment to buy. We're breaking all of Kallie's childhood bonds to kick start her photography career.

David has been working his butt off. Wednesdays are always rough. But he's learning a lot and has everything streamlined and has thought everything through efficiently. Too bad everyone else at the company is okay with keeping things inefficient, including multiple copies of everything. Oh well. Eventually they'll realize that David knows what he's doing and his ideas could help the company.

Monday night group was excellent as usual. Less than two weeks until we move, and it'll be hard to leave the group behind.

love d&k.

Monday, May 14, 2007

we know famous people.

Cornerstone was great. Kallie loved seeing Derek Webb yet again...he's always ridiculously good. And Underoath, The Almost, and Copeland were also highlights. We ran into a lot of people we know, so that's fun. And Alisa's brother-in-law, Kenny, is the drummer for The Almost, so we got to see him perform. He's crazy. Hah. Working for Compassion was nice. We only had one person sign up to sponsor a child at our table, but it was cool meeting new people, particularly ones that go to our church. But at the end of the day, Kallie had heat rash and was exhausted.

Sunday we went to church and then played some soccer and climbed on an all-wood playground. [In the last photo, you can see the soccer ball to the left of David's head, going into the goal.] The Mahaffeys were in town that evening with Logan and we all went to dinner on Park Ave. It was excellent. It's always great to hang out with close family friends.

Kallie added photos on flickr: She just upgraded her account to Pro, so in the next few days, all of the photos will be viewable, instead of the most recent 200. Baby Mia photos are done, but we're waiting to hear back from the new parents about bringing them the photos. Then they'll be uploaded.

Two weeks until we move.

And a shout-out to Melissa and Eric, who are getting married this weekend. Yay.

Love, d&k.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


There are a couple more videos here.

She's amazing.

One super lucky fan.

Akon was good, too. We knew most of his songs, so that's fun and silly. Akon's DJ was amazing. He had a mohawk and a polo shirt.

And Lady Sovereign was ridiculous. We laughed a lot. Her British potty mouth was hilarious, especially since she looks 15 (she's really 21 apparently).

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Friday night: Spiderman 3. Go see it.

Saturday: Photography job of three fabulous kids (Ashley's niece and nephews). [Those photos will be on flickr after mother's day.]
Walk on Park Ave, lunch at tropical smoothie cafe.
Work on photos.
Go downtown to Lake Eola and walk around the lake. David's comments:
So we were walking around Lake Eola and we get to the downtown ampitheatre, and guess who is setting up? None other than the Apostle Paul. No wait...I mean Jesus. That's not right either. Oh yeah! It's the Antichrist himself!
For those of you who haven't heard, there is this guy named José Luis de Jesus Miranda, or as he would call himself, "The man Christ Jesus." He has hundreds of thousands of followers (maybe more than a million at this point) in over 30 countries. And he was having a rally in downtown Orlando. Here are a few basic "facts" about him and his people, who actually refer to themselves as the "super race."
1. José Luis de Jesus Miranda at first claimed to be Paul. Then he changed his mind and said he was Jesus. Now he says he is the Antichrist.
2. Sin no longer exists (but crimes do)
3. He will not die (maybe because he walks around with armed bodyguards?)
4. He has a criminal history of heroin abuse and theft
5. Protesting at other religious gatherings is good.
6. He is encouraging all his followers to get tattoos of the number 666, like he has
7. It's good for people to turn over their businesses and personal wealth to him.
8. He's a total wackjob.
9. He ripped off the presidential seal to make a logo.
No, I'm not making this up. Watch the videos on YouTube or go to It was pretty creepy to watch little girls walking around wearing shirts with 666 emblazoned on them.
Kallie had a good idea. She thinks that one of his followers should just shoot him in the head. If there is no sin and he can't die...then why not?

More work on photos.
Drive to Tampa and meet up with Logan and friends/family at Bahama Breeze. Have a blast and Kallie's stoked to possibly get to know those kids more when we move. Happy birthday, Logan!
Drive home.

Sunday: Sleep in. Chill.
Katie comes to visit for lunch, so we go to a restaurant on Park Ave for burgers. Yum.
We three lay on the couch and watch Australia's Next Top Model while it pours buckets outside. One thunderbolt makes us yelp. Hah. Then Katie continues her drive to Davie.
Buy an external hard drive from Best Buy. It's a life saver. Kallie's computer was taken over by photos.
Church. A lovely sermon reinforcing what we had talked about in our small group the Monday before (about finances and tithing not being an equation, but a state of the heart).

Monday: Kallie finishes the packages for her two first clients and delivers them. She stays and hangs out with Ashley, Louise, 5 mo old baby Harris, and two dogs. It's great. She likes being around families and babies. She can even handle the drool. When the other two kids get home, Kallie gets several fantastic hugs from Caroline, who's 5. She's happy.
Summit group was awesome, naturally. We're really dreading leaving our wonderful friends we've made. We'll miss Summit church, too. At least we have a few more weeks.

Tonight we head to Tampa to admire the sweet vocals and moves of Gwen Stefani. Wind it up.

love, d&k

Friday, May 4, 2007

Hold up!

I'm finishing up the photos of Louise, and I'm pretty proud of them. :) I'll have them posted at flickr early next week, after I give them to Brian and Ashley on Monday.

Nowwww, Ashley's big brother has hired me to take photos of his three little children tomorrow morning! It's supposed to be a SUPER fast turn around: photos at 10:30am Saturday, handing him a CD Sunday morning at church. But the more I think about it, it's physically impossible. So I'll talk to him in the morning about delaying that to Tuesday. I certainly can't give him something I don't feel is complete. But yay for another job! (Plus, Megan should be having her baby Wednesday morning! That's three real jobs so far!)

I've worked on letterhead, etc., for Kallie Brynn Photography. I'm excited. And naturally I used my favorite font, Copperplate. Mmm. (Alisa will appreciate that.)

Katie is coming to visit for a little bit Saturday (probably). And Saturday night, David and I are going to celebrate Logan's birthday in Tampa. you know why doing those photos by Sunday is impossible. Plus, weekends are special now that David is at work all day long during the week.

I finally get to see Gwen Stefani this Tuesday night, just to make the week a little more hectic. And next Saturday, we're helping sign up sponsors for Compassion International at Cornerstone Festival.

Max is doing well. He's still super fun. We also have plants now. I killed the last plant I had a couple years ago...let's hope this time it goes a little better.

And we're moving in 3 weeks. Crazy.

Love, k.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


We both had great mornings.

David had a lot of work. He's getting more comfortable at the Children's Home with his coworkers and his work. And all of his projects are making the time pass quickly.

Kallie had her first paying job! She had a blast and came home so excited. She's going to work on the photos soon, but just from glancing at them, they're fantastic (if I do say so). :) Louise is such a precious little girl. She's fun to play with. And Kallie really enjoyed chatting with Ashley. It's nice to have friends here in Orlando.

Kallie's dad called yesterday: "I'm out tarpon fishing, so I've had a lot of time to think." Haha. They talked about Kallie's new business and making it official. So we decided the company name is Kallie Brynn Photography. Dad is going to get it incorporated today. That means: Kallie Brynn Photography, LLC. Isn't that cool!?!? So now Kallie is working on an excel sheet of expenses and revenues. She's working on other documents that she'll need, such as photo packages, copyright releases, invoices, etc. Its really given Kallie a huge boost.

Our Summit connect group last night was fantastic. We didn't have our lesson video, so we discussed the topic (money, etc) and had such a great time. We're going to miss it soooo much.

love, d&k
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