Monday, May 21, 2007

babies, babies, babies

Friday night we walked around Rollins College. The photos are on Flickr. It's a pretty sweet campus and kind of eerie at night.

Saturday, Melissa and Eric got married! It was lovely and we're so happy for them. We loved being able to spend time with friends and sat at Ruby Tuesday's for a few hours before heading our separate ways. Also, at the wedding, we met Bill and Diane's (they worked at the BCM with Eddie while we were there) daughter, Ella. She's so precious. And we're excited about possibly seeing them more often, since they live in Lakeland.

We found out one of our really close friends (the bride in the photo below) is preggers! Kallie thinks God has been preparing her for baby conversations, considering all of her new friends have babies.

Sunday afternoon, our Summit group had a barbecue. It was a lot of fun. Kallie played with Dan and Dawn's kids, Reagan and Wes, most of the time, haha. They're fantastic. (Even though Kallie's arms are sore today!!!) And Megan and Chip made it, though Mia stayed at home with Megan's mom. It was weird saying goodbye. We're going to miss everyone so much, but think we'll be able to make it back to see them every now and then.

That afternoon, David went running and has a good story to tell:

Behind our apartment lies two mansions. Between these two mansions there is a dock. I had always wondered if the dock is open to the public, so I decided to walk down there. A fence on each side of me, I made my way down towards the dock. I looked in the window of the 80's Italian mansion on the right and I really really thought I saw a dead body with its arms chained to a pole. I probably thought this because we had watched Shaun of the Dead the night before (it's really funny by the way). Naturally, I stared at it for a while and then walked back up to the road. Then I realized that I'm a guy and had to be stupid and go back, just like in every bad horror movie. So I walk back down there to observe it more, and I hear a couple of dogs barking. I think it isn't a big deal because of the fence, so I look through the window to see if it was a dead body (which it wasn't...I don't think). As I'm jogging back up to the road (I had headphones on), I glance behind me for no real reason. Much to my surprise, a giant black dog is chasing me. I broke every world sprinting record in existence over the next couple hundred yards. Cars were slowing down and looking, but not helping. Eventually I outran the dog (or he felt pity on me), and I walked back up to the apartment, triumphant.

love, d&k.

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