Friday, May 4, 2007

Hold up!

I'm finishing up the photos of Louise, and I'm pretty proud of them. :) I'll have them posted at flickr early next week, after I give them to Brian and Ashley on Monday.

Nowwww, Ashley's big brother has hired me to take photos of his three little children tomorrow morning! It's supposed to be a SUPER fast turn around: photos at 10:30am Saturday, handing him a CD Sunday morning at church. But the more I think about it, it's physically impossible. So I'll talk to him in the morning about delaying that to Tuesday. I certainly can't give him something I don't feel is complete. But yay for another job! (Plus, Megan should be having her baby Wednesday morning! That's three real jobs so far!)

I've worked on letterhead, etc., for Kallie Brynn Photography. I'm excited. And naturally I used my favorite font, Copperplate. Mmm. (Alisa will appreciate that.)

Katie is coming to visit for a little bit Saturday (probably). And Saturday night, David and I are going to celebrate Logan's birthday in Tampa. you know why doing those photos by Sunday is impossible. Plus, weekends are special now that David is at work all day long during the week.

I finally get to see Gwen Stefani this Tuesday night, just to make the week a little more hectic. And next Saturday, we're helping sign up sponsors for Compassion International at Cornerstone Festival.

Max is doing well. He's still super fun. We also have plants now. I killed the last plant I had a couple years ago...let's hope this time it goes a little better.

And we're moving in 3 weeks. Crazy.

Love, k.

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