Tuesday, May 1, 2007


We both had great mornings.

David had a lot of work. He's getting more comfortable at the Children's Home with his coworkers and his work. And all of his projects are making the time pass quickly.

Kallie had her first paying job! She had a blast and came home so excited. She's going to work on the photos soon, but just from glancing at them, they're fantastic (if I do say so). :) Louise is such a precious little girl. She's fun to play with. And Kallie really enjoyed chatting with Ashley. It's nice to have friends here in Orlando.

Kallie's dad called yesterday: "I'm out tarpon fishing, so I've had a lot of time to think." Haha. They talked about Kallie's new business and making it official. So we decided the company name is Kallie Brynn Photography. Dad is going to get it incorporated today. That means: Kallie Brynn Photography, LLC. Isn't that cool!?!? So now Kallie is working on an excel sheet of expenses and revenues. She's working on other documents that she'll need, such as photo packages, copyright releases, invoices, etc. Its really given Kallie a huge boost.

Our Summit connect group last night was fantastic. We didn't have our lesson video, so we discussed the topic (money, etc) and had such a great time. We're going to miss it soooo much.

love, d&k

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