Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Friday night: Spiderman 3. Go see it.

Saturday: Photography job of three fabulous kids (Ashley's niece and nephews). [Those photos will be on flickr after mother's day.]
Walk on Park Ave, lunch at tropical smoothie cafe.
Work on photos.
Go downtown to Lake Eola and walk around the lake. David's comments:
So we were walking around Lake Eola and we get to the downtown ampitheatre, and guess who is setting up? None other than the Apostle Paul. No wait...I mean Jesus. That's not right either. Oh yeah! It's the Antichrist himself!
For those of you who haven't heard, there is this guy named José Luis de Jesus Miranda, or as he would call himself, "The man Christ Jesus." He has hundreds of thousands of followers (maybe more than a million at this point) in over 30 countries. And he was having a rally in downtown Orlando. Here are a few basic "facts" about him and his people, who actually refer to themselves as the "super race."
1. José Luis de Jesus Miranda at first claimed to be Paul. Then he changed his mind and said he was Jesus. Now he says he is the Antichrist.
2. Sin no longer exists (but crimes do)
3. He will not die (maybe because he walks around with armed bodyguards?)
4. He has a criminal history of heroin abuse and theft
5. Protesting at other religious gatherings is good.
6. He is encouraging all his followers to get tattoos of the number 666, like he has
7. It's good for people to turn over their businesses and personal wealth to him.
8. He's a total wackjob.
9. He ripped off the presidential seal to make a logo.
No, I'm not making this up. Watch the videos on YouTube or go to www.cegenglish.com. It was pretty creepy to watch little girls walking around wearing shirts with 666 emblazoned on them.
Kallie had a good idea. She thinks that one of his followers should just shoot him in the head. If there is no sin and he can't die...then why not?

More work on photos.
Drive to Tampa and meet up with Logan and friends/family at Bahama Breeze. Have a blast and Kallie's stoked to possibly get to know those kids more when we move. Happy birthday, Logan!
Drive home.

Sunday: Sleep in. Chill.
Katie comes to visit for lunch, so we go to a restaurant on Park Ave for burgers. Yum.
We three lay on the couch and watch Australia's Next Top Model while it pours buckets outside. One thunderbolt makes us yelp. Hah. Then Katie continues her drive to Davie.
Buy an external hard drive from Best Buy. It's a life saver. Kallie's computer was taken over by photos.
Church. A lovely sermon reinforcing what we had talked about in our small group the Monday before (about finances and tithing not being an equation, but a state of the heart).

Monday: Kallie finishes the packages for her two first clients and delivers them. She stays and hangs out with Ashley, Louise, 5 mo old baby Harris, and two dogs. It's great. She likes being around families and babies. She can even handle the drool. When the other two kids get home, Kallie gets several fantastic hugs from Caroline, who's 5. She's happy.
Summit group was awesome, naturally. We're really dreading leaving our wonderful friends we've made. We'll miss Summit church, too. At least we have a few more weeks.

Tonight we head to Tampa to admire the sweet vocals and moves of Gwen Stefani. Wind it up.

love, d&k

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Alisa Kelleen said...

please tell me why i haven't seen pics of Gwen yet. :(

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