Monday, May 14, 2007

we know famous people.

Cornerstone was great. Kallie loved seeing Derek Webb yet again...he's always ridiculously good. And Underoath, The Almost, and Copeland were also highlights. We ran into a lot of people we know, so that's fun. And Alisa's brother-in-law, Kenny, is the drummer for The Almost, so we got to see him perform. He's crazy. Hah. Working for Compassion was nice. We only had one person sign up to sponsor a child at our table, but it was cool meeting new people, particularly ones that go to our church. But at the end of the day, Kallie had heat rash and was exhausted.

Sunday we went to church and then played some soccer and climbed on an all-wood playground. [In the last photo, you can see the soccer ball to the left of David's head, going into the goal.] The Mahaffeys were in town that evening with Logan and we all went to dinner on Park Ave. It was excellent. It's always great to hang out with close family friends.

Kallie added photos on flickr: She just upgraded her account to Pro, so in the next few days, all of the photos will be viewable, instead of the most recent 200. Baby Mia photos are done, but we're waiting to hear back from the new parents about bringing them the photos. Then they'll be uploaded.

Two weeks until we move.

And a shout-out to Melissa and Eric, who are getting married this weekend. Yay.

Love, d&k.


rachel said...

your pictures are amazing!!!!!!! the last girl is soooooo cute.

Amy said...

Next time you see Kenny, tell him you know all about the day that he wore and swam in Mrs.Horsts flowered bathing suits with your sister. I filled it out better. I have pictures.

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