Thursday, May 17, 2007


Missing these girls. Love this photo.

Kallie's Flickr page,, has now been upgraded to a Pro account, which means all of her photos are available for viewing in their own folders/sets. So check it out!!! [Baby Mia photos will be uploaded later today, after they are delivered to Megan at 2pm today.]

Kallie also has another new website. It's pretty much a duplication of everything else, but it'll help get the name out there.

And Scott, sister Amy's hubby, has been helping Kallie figure out studio lighting equipment to buy. We're breaking all of Kallie's childhood bonds to kick start her photography career.

David has been working his butt off. Wednesdays are always rough. But he's learning a lot and has everything streamlined and has thought everything through efficiently. Too bad everyone else at the company is okay with keeping things inefficient, including multiple copies of everything. Oh well. Eventually they'll realize that David knows what he's doing and his ideas could help the company.

Monday night group was excellent as usual. Less than two weeks until we move, and it'll be hard to leave the group behind.

love d&k.

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