Thursday, May 31, 2007

We're Brandonians!

We've been completely moved since Tuesday afternoon. No more O-town.

our library=one large shopping cart.
(our clothes > one large cart + one medium cart)

We absolutely love our new apartment and community. We'll have teaser photos up soon.

We drove car loads of our stuff all day Saturday. We slept on blow up mattresses Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in Tampa because we didn't want to leave.

Sunday, we drove to Orlando early and went to Summit Church. Then we chilled on our sofa and finished packing up the old apartment until Jenn and Matt Neldner's wedding that evening. It was a beautiful wedding. Photos Kallie took are at

Monday we went to the Tampa aquarium down at Channelside. It was fantastic. The otters, penguins, and sea dragons were our favorites. Kallie is still in shock over the sea dragons. (photos also at the flickr website above.)

Tuesday morning, David went to work and Kallie drove to Winter Park to meet the moving truck and her dad. She turned in the keys. Yay.

Again, David went to work on Wednesday and Kallie fixed up the new apartment all nice. We feel so much more comfortable here. The layout is much more homey. It's fantastic.

The bad side of all of this, however, is that Max got sick. We moved him from Orlando to Brandon in his tiny bowl that we bought him in from Petco. Apparently bettas get stressed out (which we were noticing he looked stressed) and their immune system lowers, making them susceptible to diseases. Max wasn't his normal self when we got to Brandon and put him back in his home. He wasn't swimming around or flaring up. He wouldn't even eat. This kept on for a day, so Kallie did some research and we went to Petco and bought aquarium salt (it's a stress reliever and helps bettas recover from diseases, as well as prevents them from recurring), and an antibiotic. We also bought him a bigger bowl from TJMaxx for when he gets better. So Max has been on treatment for two days now (he has fin rot) and this morning, he flared up at Kallie when she woke up. YAY!!! He's swimming around, but hasn't eaten yet. Hopefully by the end of the day or maybe tomorrow, Max will be in his new big home.


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Keith said...

oh dang. i love the picture of the sea dragon. sav and i have an identical picture from when we went to the aquarium. it's perfect. dinner soon, please. miss you guys!

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