Friday, June 29, 2007

everyone needs a reminder

best album ever

Apparently you can share facebook albums publicly now.
that will take you to all of the photos.

Also, if you've never seen Kallie's Sri Lanka photos, she posted some on flickr.

Kallie sent photos in to They're putting up artist profiles on their new website they're working on, so be sure to check it out. We'll post when something is up!

Kallie also spent the afternoon with her middle/high school best friend, Katie Gemmer. They had a nice time walking around St. Pete and catching up.

Tonight we're off to dinner with David's mom and Hank and a girl who is new to the area. Then we're going (the three kids minus the parents) to see Brer play. Love it.

Tomorrow we travel north to Tarpon Springs to meet up with Kallie's parents for the weekend.

Love, d&k

enjoy the photos!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

sneak peak

a quick sneak peak of what we'll upload tomorrow (it's late and we need to go to bed!)


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

we'll see if blondes have more fun...

Scott helped me realize this morning that digital cameras work like manual ones. funny how i had kept my nikon on automatic and had to look up in the manual how to change the shutter speed and fstop. but, alas, the studio is on its way.

to show: before and after photos from my blonde adventure today.
warning: the blonde here isn't complete. i'm going in again tomorrow. today it was bleached and cut (i was there from 1 until a little after 5. now i have a headache, hah.) tomorrow: more bleach (to become the color of my current roots: platinum) and toner to make it pretty. Yes, it's drastic. I don't recognize myself yet. Hello, Gwen Stefani.
so check back tomorrow for the final, k.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


beautiful ringflash.

travel cases galore = going on family vacation
Logan is going to help us set up a background:
fabric clamped to a steel wire:
on this wall (above)
boom arm (to have overhead lighting)

this is when everything is turned up all the way.

the alien bees arrived! David went running while Kallie set everything up. she was mean and wanted to play first. haha. we took some photos and realized that a lot of lighting theory needs to be learned.

we're going on a pre-vacation vacation this weekend. we're meeting up with Kallie's parents in Tarpon Springs around noon on Saturday and staying the night. doing the tourist thing. if you know of anything to do there, please do tell.

love, d&k

Monday, June 25, 2007


By anonymous, we mean you have to say who wrote the post inside the post.
"you two are great.


we changed the comment options to where anyone can leave a message now. you don't have to have a blog. horray!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Friday night was a whopping good time. We ventured out to Target and Home Depot in a lightning storm to get studio supplies and organizing bins for Kallie's arts and crafts. Then Kallie spent the rest of the evening organizing and moving her desk into the closet to make room for her new equipment. Kallie thoroughly enjoyed herself whilst David sat on the sofa for some down time from a week of work. Equally fun.Saturday, we woke up really early and went to help out FMoPA in Ruskin. Kallie dragged David along and he ended up having more fun than she did. We were group leaders for FMoPA's Literacy through Photography program that they were putting on at the Ruskin Neighborhood Center (Ruskin is a small city about 15 minutes south of Brandon). We had about 100 girls aged 8-17. They were at camp. Our Literacy through Photography program was one of their activities and they came in two big groups to us. We then split them into groups of 5. Kallie had 5 girls and David had 5 girls (two times). It was a cool experience. The girls were from all ends of the spectrum...migrant worker daughters, middle class girls, criminals' daughters. Some girls had dots on their name tags, which meant they couldn't have their picture taken. So we don't have photos of our groups. David really hit it off with his two groups. As we were leaving, one of them came up to Kallie and said, "your husband is so handsome," and giggled. Kallie replied, "I know," and smiled to the thirteen-year-old. Haha.
[photos: David took and Kallie edited the first four. The other two are Kallie's. She's not sure which of the "yellow duck" photos she likes best. If you have a preference, please post.]

That night we went to David's dad's house with Beth and Josh and had a lovely dinner and three desserts. No joke. Filet mignon with risotto, salad from a recipe from the restaurant The Colombia, etc. Then home made cantaloupe sorbet, creme brulee (Kallie got to fire the tops and also put blueberries in hers...yum!), and a delicious cake Beth brought from Publix: raspberry decadence cake. Needless to say, we could barely move afterwards. We had a fantastic time. Best of all, we discovered that the Buckmaster family really does have

Dad: 3.5" forehead / 66.75" tall = he is 5.24% forehead
Amy: 3.25" / 63" = 5.16%
(yes, we called her in NYC to get her measurements)
David: 3.375" / 66.75" = 5.08%
Beth: 3.125" / 62" = 5.04%
in case you're wondering what to compare this to, as we were:
Kallie: 2.5" / 63.25" = 3.95% hahahahaha
Josh: 2.75" / 72" = 3.82%

By now, you're probably also wondering about toes. We have that, too (on a smaller scale):
Beth: 2" pointer toe / 9.6" foot = 20.8%
David: 2.1" / 10.25" = 20.5%
Kallie: 1.5" / 8.1" = 18.5%
we can see that Kallie has midget toes from this...but we know that.

Sunday we went to Relevant church again. It was good. We're looking forward to getting involved. Then we were bad and went to the mall. Kallie's favorite shirt at JCrew that she's been drooling over was $20 with 25% off. Yay. Then we saw Evan Almighty. It was great. Much better than we had heard. Go see it. Then we went to the pool.

Another good weekend.

Love, d&k.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


David got our vacation dates approved! Yay! We're off July 3rd to the 11th to the greater states of Alabama and Mississippi. Awesome.

Kallie has all of her software! She's loving Flash and the new Photoshop, etc. Owning Lightroom is also amazing. She started working on her dad's website today. Keep your fingers crossed that she can figure everything out and that it'll be simply smashing. We also ordered Kallie's studio equipment from today. It should ship in the next day or two. We're hoping it'll be here soon so we can take some of it with us on our vacay.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

breaking the chains

I decided this morning that I have to stop listening to political pundits, on either side of the spectrum. This means I’m saying bye bye to AM radio and political blogs. I’m not disengaging from politics; I’m just disengaging from those who are boastful and not willing to (really) listen to other’s opinions. I’m tired of listening to/watching certain things to get talking points and pretending like that is how I should stay informed. All that really does to me is feed my ego, fill me up with unrighteous anger, and give me a false sense of entitlement.

I got into all this on my long drives to and from work. It’s only been about three months, but I can already see the effects it is having on me. I am regressing into a framework for thinking about politics that is unashamedly self-absorbed. I only worry about what is best for me and those just like me. I haven’t been like that since high school, where I admittedly knew very little about anything.

I’m trying to refocus on Jesus’ life and example as my foundation for navigating our world, because I truly believe his teachings best show how life should be lived. Jesus knew his life was important, and the way he showed it wasn’t in arrogance but in service to others.

I’m aware that my decision will probably mean that I’ll go back to being all over the political spectrum depending on the issue. I'm not changing my opinions based on who I’m around, but at least I’ll again be open to letting God teach and change me.


Monday, June 18, 2007

two thumbs down.

you guys did a terrible job on commenting. so much for blog interaction. but Kallie sends a virtual high-five to Alisa. she agrees: (though the majority of the bangs will have to be long enough to go behind the ear.)

wrong color though. something more like (if we can afford it):

this is Kallie's pick (above)

this is David's pick (above)

Friday, Kallie went to UTampa with her boss and the other intern, Heather, and saw a professor's camera obscura he made from his classroom. Kallie was very impressed and is going to be buying some black cardboard to put over her studio window, with apertures cut out to make her own! it's fantastic! (It's difficult to explain without showing, and it's difficult to show unless you're there.)

We went to Tallahassee for the weekend. It was lovely. Saturday we went to a little art festival downtown. Then David and Kallie rode bikes, took photos of cows, and swam.

More cows here:

On our way to Tally, we stopped in Gainesville for a bit over half an hour. It was great! All of our friends were hanging out as usual and we, naturally, knew exactly where to find them. We miss them all!

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