Tuesday, June 19, 2007

breaking the chains

I decided this morning that I have to stop listening to political pundits, on either side of the spectrum. This means I’m saying bye bye to AM radio and political blogs. I’m not disengaging from politics; I’m just disengaging from those who are boastful and not willing to (really) listen to other’s opinions. I’m tired of listening to/watching certain things to get talking points and pretending like that is how I should stay informed. All that really does to me is feed my ego, fill me up with unrighteous anger, and give me a false sense of entitlement.

I got into all this on my long drives to and from work. It’s only been about three months, but I can already see the effects it is having on me. I am regressing into a framework for thinking about politics that is unashamedly self-absorbed. I only worry about what is best for me and those just like me. I haven’t been like that since high school, where I admittedly knew very little about anything.

I’m trying to refocus on Jesus’ life and example as my foundation for navigating our world, because I truly believe his teachings best show how life should be lived. Jesus knew his life was important, and the way he showed it wasn’t in arrogance but in service to others.

I’m aware that my decision will probably mean that I’ll go back to being all over the political spectrum depending on the issue. I'm not changing my opinions based on who I’m around, but at least I’ll again be open to letting God teach and change me.



Alisa Kelleen said...

interesting buck. i listen to NPR every day on my way to and from work..I too have found myself sucked in at times and feeling upset over something I know little about.

I'm interested to hear how your retreat goes. I like what you said about letting Jesus guide, despite the seemingly "all over the board" political direction it seems to provide.

I think, when you actually look at Jesus in the political context of his era, he truly was, all over the board. So, I guess you'd be making a choice our savior did...I guess.

D & K Buckmaster said...

I think the tipping point for me was a couple days ago when I listened to Rush Limbaugh and then watched "Sicko," the new movie about health care from Michael Moore (it's not out yet but it's legally streaming for free online). My brain just couldn't take it any longer and must have exploded a little.

- david

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