Thursday, June 7, 2007

FMoPA: remember that!

Kallie:Dwight:Assistant to the [Regional] Manager::David:Toby:Human Resources

Yep. That is correct. Kallie is the newest unpaid employee at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. Haha. She'll get paid one Saturday a month when she covers for Paula, the Manager, so Paula can have the day off. Otherwise, Kallie will be there all day on Tuesdays, and three or four hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays. At least that's how it is set up so far. FMoPA is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am to 5pm. You should go see the place. It's sweet. And they're about to move into the space next door, same building, which will be about three times larger than what they have now. (Starbucks is buying their current space.) Visit to learn about the museum and get directions. It's in the heart of downtown Tampa.

A brief history and future plan: FMoPA used to be the Tampa Gallery of Photographic Arts. It was located in Hyde Park and we happened upon it one day while moseying around the shops about a year ago. Six months ago, they relocated and changed the name. (Kallie didn't know it was the same museum until she saw some of the photos from the Hyde Park exhibit on the wall at FMoPA. Then she got to tell her
boss that she had actually been there, which was very nice.) There are only about a dozen prominent photographic museums in the United States. FMoPA's plan is to become one of them. They've grown so much in the past year, and the board of directors has big plans for the coming years. Kallie is stoked to get in on the action now.

She hit it off really well with Joanne, the Executive Director, and Paula, the Manager. Joanne, according to info found on Google, is a Vassar graduate and an art critic. She's probably 65-70ish and Paula is in her early fifties. Joanne was very impressed with Kallie's resume. And everything went swimmingly. Kallie goes in for four hours next Thursday and then starts her regular schedule the next Tuesday. How exciting! You never know...Kallie could be their marketing sensation that turns them into the MET of photography. :)

We have been bantering back and forth about how David BS's his interviews and meetings and how Kallie stays genuine. David is learning that that is how business is done. Everyone BS's everyone else. He is proud of his BSing skills. Kallie has more positive thoughts on the matter. She likes to think that people just like her for being herself. So she tells it like it is. And, lo and behold, it held true for another interview. Haha.

David has been working on his "sermon" for BCM Gator in Gainesville next Monday. Be there and get excited.

Current tunes: Sufjan Stevens: Seven Swans
Kallie's car: Feist, naturally

David's car: Podcasts/AM radio (he's turning into a forty-year-old dad)

ps: why is "forty" spelled without a "u"??? that makes no sense. it's FOUR-TY. Fourty. it's not like an army fort-y. nor a fortress. no draw bridges or moats. just a number. and it comes from four. Fourty.

the sky was amazing tonight as we celebrated Kallie's achievements with a swim in the pool and a dip in the jacuzzi. light blue sky with bright white dashes of clouds among yellow shades sprinkled throughout and deep shades of gray everywhere. we also celebrated with Steak and Shake coupons: $3.29 for a double with fries. and we got a cherry coke. we're bad.

love, d&k

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