Tuesday, June 5, 2007

it's all about the benjamins.

Change of tag/title for Kallie's car, takeover of insurance for Kallie's car, change of driver's license address, 60,000 miles (really 65,572) oil change plus tons of other work, a ridiculous 200$ charge on car insurance for moving from Orlando (way more crazy) to Brandon (way less crazy). Hence, Kallie is looking for a job.

last night, we went to the 20-something ministry of the church we went to on sunday. when we got there and were signing our life away on a sheet of paper (we only divulged name and address thankfully), a girl asked us if we were coming from 912. yep, that's their high school ministry. when is the universe going to understand that that pisses me (Kallie, naturally) off? thankfully, i'll appreciate it in the years to come. but seriously. high school? come on. one strike amongst many last night.

if you have Tampa church suggestions, we would love to hear them.



Amy said...

I hear you KB. On the first day of each school year, parents always enter into my classroom and ask me where the teacher is. I have to hold my fingers down so that I do not flick them off.

harshbad said...

Arrgh! I know! I get that all the time... or not. :(

Anywho - I can't vouch for the church, but I can vouch for the new associate pastor and his family. Our friends Matt and Susan and their lovely girls will be at Hyde Park UMC www.hydeparkumc.org

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