Sunday, June 24, 2007


Friday night was a whopping good time. We ventured out to Target and Home Depot in a lightning storm to get studio supplies and organizing bins for Kallie's arts and crafts. Then Kallie spent the rest of the evening organizing and moving her desk into the closet to make room for her new equipment. Kallie thoroughly enjoyed herself whilst David sat on the sofa for some down time from a week of work. Equally fun.Saturday, we woke up really early and went to help out FMoPA in Ruskin. Kallie dragged David along and he ended up having more fun than she did. We were group leaders for FMoPA's Literacy through Photography program that they were putting on at the Ruskin Neighborhood Center (Ruskin is a small city about 15 minutes south of Brandon). We had about 100 girls aged 8-17. They were at camp. Our Literacy through Photography program was one of their activities and they came in two big groups to us. We then split them into groups of 5. Kallie had 5 girls and David had 5 girls (two times). It was a cool experience. The girls were from all ends of the spectrum...migrant worker daughters, middle class girls, criminals' daughters. Some girls had dots on their name tags, which meant they couldn't have their picture taken. So we don't have photos of our groups. David really hit it off with his two groups. As we were leaving, one of them came up to Kallie and said, "your husband is so handsome," and giggled. Kallie replied, "I know," and smiled to the thirteen-year-old. Haha.
[photos: David took and Kallie edited the first four. The other two are Kallie's. She's not sure which of the "yellow duck" photos she likes best. If you have a preference, please post.]

That night we went to David's dad's house with Beth and Josh and had a lovely dinner and three desserts. No joke. Filet mignon with risotto, salad from a recipe from the restaurant The Colombia, etc. Then home made cantaloupe sorbet, creme brulee (Kallie got to fire the tops and also put blueberries in hers...yum!), and a delicious cake Beth brought from Publix: raspberry decadence cake. Needless to say, we could barely move afterwards. We had a fantastic time. Best of all, we discovered that the Buckmaster family really does have

Dad: 3.5" forehead / 66.75" tall = he is 5.24% forehead
Amy: 3.25" / 63" = 5.16%
(yes, we called her in NYC to get her measurements)
David: 3.375" / 66.75" = 5.08%
Beth: 3.125" / 62" = 5.04%
in case you're wondering what to compare this to, as we were:
Kallie: 2.5" / 63.25" = 3.95% hahahahaha
Josh: 2.75" / 72" = 3.82%

By now, you're probably also wondering about toes. We have that, too (on a smaller scale):
Beth: 2" pointer toe / 9.6" foot = 20.8%
David: 2.1" / 10.25" = 20.5%
Kallie: 1.5" / 8.1" = 18.5%
we can see that Kallie has midget toes from this...but we know that.

Sunday we went to Relevant church again. It was good. We're looking forward to getting involved. Then we were bad and went to the mall. Kallie's favorite shirt at JCrew that she's been drooling over was $20 with 25% off. Yay. Then we saw Evan Almighty. It was great. Much better than we had heard. Go see it. Then we went to the pool.

Another good weekend.

Love, d&k.


Anonymous said...

The first duck photo is the best!

Anonymous said...

did u get a forehead and toe measurement on that duck????

Anonymous said...

duck measurement comment was mine. don't know who wrote the first one. mom T

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