Monday, June 11, 2007


We enjoyed church yesterday. It's not Summit, but it's somewhat close. Too bad we have such high standards now. But I bet we go back next week.

After church, we went to Sarasota: to St. Armands and walked around the shops. Well, mainly we looked at the tents that were set up for an art festival. But really it was just Florida junk. And it was ridiculously hot. So we went down to the beach and walked and swam and Kallie burned her nose and looks like Rudolf. Her face moisturizer failed her for the first time. The water was very clear and cozy and we had a wonderful time. Then we went swimming when we got home. Fun fun.

Our washer and dryer are arriving this evening. If the truck gets here before 6, Kallie will get to go with David to Gainesville. If not, sniff, she'll be staying at the apartment all evening. Keep your fingers crossed it's before 6!! And don't forget to come to Gator and the BCM to visit us and listen to David talk. :)

love, d&k.

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