Wednesday, June 13, 2007


David got in a semi-wreck on his way home from Gainesville on Monday.
Semi (truck)-wreck and semi (not whole)-wreck.
He's ok and the car is ok...the left side mirror folded in, like it's supposed to, and just got scuffed up a bit, no paint damage.
David was sandwiched between two semi's and the one on the left came over on him and he had to slam on the brakes...and he still got slammed a bit. He kept control, though. The semi wouldn't pull over. Everything was ok so no cops were called and thankfully our insurance won't go up.

We have our washer and dryer units now!! Yay!! Three loads of laundry today. Phew.

Kallie got a call from her new "boss" from FMoPA today. Kallie's official title is "Staff Intern." There's another Staff Intern that's in college, doing it for school credit. Unfortunately, Kallie is doing it for nothing...actually she's doing it for negative income: paying for gas and downtown Tampa parking. So the phone call with the boss, Joanne, was good. But it makes Kallie nervous, because there are going to be a lot of projects coming up that she'll be involved in and that will take a lot of time. Every hour costs more for parking. But it's such a good opportunity, so we don't want Kallie to back out. We'll see what happens.
Also, when Joanne called, Kallie said, "how's it goin'?" To a professional writer! A professional art critic! Someone who knows words! And Kallie spoke like it was a peer...she felt ridiculous but didn't know what to do, so she just let it go. Haha. Kallie will do better next time.

Change of plans for this weekend: instead of Kallie's parents coming to Tampa, we're heading up there for the weekend. Fun!!


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