Tuesday, June 26, 2007


beautiful ringflash.

travel cases galore = going on family vacation
Logan is going to help us set up a background:
fabric clamped to a steel wire:
on this wall (above)
boom arm (to have overhead lighting)

this is when everything is turned up all the way.

the alien bees arrived! David went running while Kallie set everything up. she was mean and wanted to play first. haha. we took some photos and realized that a lot of lighting theory needs to be learned.

we're going on a pre-vacation vacation this weekend. we're meeting up with Kallie's parents in Tarpon Springs around noon on Saturday and staying the night. doing the tourist thing. if you know of anything to do there, please do tell.

love, d&k


Anonymous said...

thanks for putting up the pic where i look like ive just been violated. haha.
- david

Amy and Scott said...

Yeah thats pretty cool I guess. So your setting aside about 2 days when we come in August right? Cool. See ya then.

Anonymous said...

remember, you have to take a great black and white of your parents for their yellow page ad!!!
you HAVE to make us look 10 years younger too!!!!
work on it---

Anonymous said...

That's ok, David, as long as K did the violating!

Clifton said...

those are some of the best pictures of Buck I've ever seen.

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