Sunday, June 3, 2007

swonderful, smarvelous

i've (kallie) never actually seen Funny Face. surprising, since i think audrey hepburn is swonderful. however, a few bits of it were shown on the fourth episode of the current seventh season of gilmore girls. yes, i'm catching up and loving it. the show is sadly ending with this season. [if you don't understand the references, watch the movie (1957), as i plan to do asap.]

friday night: pirates!!! we were smart and rented (blockbuster's a genius program) the night before, so we were caught up on the plot development. the third in the series is denser and darker, but lovely nonetheless. go see it, but be sure to watch the second pirates first.

saturday: a smarvelous day with none other than our favorite B. [picture from Kallie's bridal shower.] we went to lunch, chilled in the jacuzzi, watched pan's labyrinth (yikes but good), played a round of sorry, and had a great time. yay!

sunday, we went to a church that we won't be reattending. we expected it to be...not like it was. it seems to have great ministries, such as their 20-somethings ministry, which meets monday nights. we'll probably still go check that out. but next sunday, we'll be somewhere else. the day also consisted of working out, laundry, jacuzzi, gilmore girls/magazine reading, seeing david's mom and hank (and getting lovely clothing gifts from them), etc. and yes, i said working out. we do that regularly now. that includes Kallie. be amazed.

love, d&k


brittany erin wortham said...

i had SO much fun with you guys on saturday! thanks so much for having me out at your new place! it's wonderful and i love it!
i am so happy for you guys :) and i loooove you both!

harshbad said...

We're glad you guys got settled and are enjoying it!

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