Monday, June 18, 2007

two thumbs down.

you guys did a terrible job on commenting. so much for blog interaction. but Kallie sends a virtual high-five to Alisa. she agrees: (though the majority of the bangs will have to be long enough to go behind the ear.)

wrong color though. something more like (if we can afford it):

this is Kallie's pick (above)

this is David's pick (above)

Friday, Kallie went to UTampa with her boss and the other intern, Heather, and saw a professor's camera obscura he made from his classroom. Kallie was very impressed and is going to be buying some black cardboard to put over her studio window, with apertures cut out to make her own! it's fantastic! (It's difficult to explain without showing, and it's difficult to show unless you're there.)

We went to Tallahassee for the weekend. It was lovely. Saturday we went to a little art festival downtown. Then David and Kallie rode bikes, took photos of cows, and swam.

More cows here:

On our way to Tally, we stopped in Gainesville for a bit over half an hour. It was great! All of our friends were hanging out as usual and we, naturally, knew exactly where to find them. We miss them all!



JET said...

Who's that handsome guy with the bird?

D & K Buckmaster said...

you're lookin good, pops.

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