Saturday, June 9, 2007

We are $Buck$ Masters!

Friday night: a planned evening of movies on the couch with rain falling outside. but Eric ( calls and says that Matt and Kyle (Mister Kite! - aka part of Brer) are playing at a coffee shop called the Bunker in Ybor. so we hop on the interstate and get there asap. very chill and lovely. we enjoyed ourselves.

Saturday: an early start.
Ocean's Thirteen at 10:30am for $5.
then to the mall for a diamond inspection and cleaning for the warranty (every 6 months).
then home and Keith comes over after work for a visit. it was great catching up and chatting. friends are great.
5pm dinner with David's family: dad, Louise, Beth, and Josh at Outback. Yum ribs.
afterwards, everyone heads to our home for a visit.
then we go to the Hard Rock Casino with Beth and Josh for some big-time gambling fun. Haha. it was Kallie's first time gambling. she grew up at casinos with her grandparents, but mainly saw the children's day care areas. Kallie also won our money. we lost the $5 from David's dad, the $10 from Beth and Josh, and then we used two $1 bills plus $3 in nickels that we brought with us (hahaha...yes, my purse was heavy). one dollar at a time. and we won $10 and then another $13! bonuses are where the money is at. yay for $18!! that covers the money we spent this weekend. sweet.

Tomorrow: a new church.

PS: The Buckmaster's first Family Vacation is coming up!
Yes, we're traveling from July 4th through 11th (as long as it's approved by David's work). He starts to get paid days off starting the 18th of June. On the schedule so far:
lunch at the Varsity in Atlanta, hopefully with Tyler
the world's largest CHAIR in Anniston, AL
visiting Tommie and Alisa in Trussville, AL for a few days
meeting Kallie's parents in Jackson, MS to stay with Kallie's grandparents for a few days
stopping to see Dan the Man and his new karate skills
spending the night in Tallahassee
probably stopping off in Gainesville
back to Tampa and work.
Get excited!!


D & K Buckmaster said...

let us know of any tourist traps we can stop at along the way...things like our planned visit to see the world's largest chair.

Keith said...

when I was bored at work this morning, I searched google for tourist traps and the world's largest peanut is in ashburn, ga. exit 82 on i-75. you guys must stop.

D & K Buckmaster said...

amazing. thanks keith. you're the best.

Kiley said...

i'll be in talladega at my aunt's lake house for a bit on july 3-6 or guys be around there then?

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